🌟 Customer Obsession = Design Thinking * Data Literacy 🌟

In today’s digital economy, professionals and leaders in business and technology are recognizing the importance of upskilling themselves in both Design Thinking and Data Literacy to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving landscape. Interestingly, these two disciplines share a common element: Customer Obsession.

Jeff Bezos, the founder and former CEO of#Amazon, is renowned for his brilliant approach to building one of the most successful companies in recent years. At the core of his success lies an unwavering focus on customer obsession. To cultivate this mindset, it is essential to master both Design Thinking and Data Literacy.

Effectively understanding the real problems faced by customers and generating innovative ideas to solve these challenges requires more than just relying on one side of the brain. It necessitates engaging both the analytical and creative aspects of our thinking, enabling us to develop a deep sense of customer empathy and effectively analyze customer data. So, Design Thinkers need to upskill on their data literacy while Data-literate business users need to pick up Design Thinking.

I am incredibly grateful and excited to contribute my expertise in Data Literacy by collaborating on an engaging workshop that blends data-driven approaches with Design Thinking principles. Working alongside two masters in Design Thinking and Digital Marketing, DAVID Chung Tai-Wai and Luke Chu, we have witnessed the incredible synergistic effect of combining our respective skills. David and I first talked about this collaboration idea almost a year ago and we finally made it happen today.

Our shared goal is to empower companies and individuals to gain a genuine understanding of their customers and leverage both data mindset and design thinking to innovate meaningful solutions that resonate with their needs. We look forward to nurturing and empowering more data-literate and data-inspired design thinkers in Asia.

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🌟 “Imagine and Change” of a 60 Years Old Legend 🌟

I had the pleasure of visiting Ricky Chong, the Chief Operating Officer of  #Ricoh Hong Kong today, and I am truly delighted. Ricky was one of my students in the Corporate Innovation course during his time in the CUHK EMBA program. Witnessing how he has implemented innovation and successfully transformed his business, which boasts a 60-year history, fills me with gratitude. Undoubtedly, it has been a challenging journey.

With the decline in demand for paper, Ricoh, once known as the “Copier King”, has recognized the need to adapt in the digital world. This transformation is not a luxury but an urgent necessity. Ricky has boldly taken the lead in steering his team towards a smart office concept. Smart office is more than a cool place with modern design. Their new office serves as a sandbox for experimentation and showcases how technology and data can enhance the modern workplace, which is smart, collaborative, and hybrid in nature.

Let me share some of the key takeaways from my visit:

1. Smartphones serve as the central control for managing everything, and the entire office is effectively visualized, creating digital twins.

2. By adopting and experimenting with new technologies in their office, Ricoh can provide their clients and prospects with a “Seeing is believing” experience. Scanning a QR code instantly provides access to all relevant product information on various technologies and devices.

3. Booking seating arrangements and collaborative spaces is made convenient through dedicated apps. A comprehensive dashboard displays key metrics of a modern office, such as CO2 levels and power consumption.

4. Colleagues are rewarded with points for utilizing collaborative spaces and making environmental contributions. These points can be exchanged for coffee, food, and other merchandise.

5. A collaborative lab has been established to foster innovation among both internal stakeholders and external startups.

And there is much more… Eye opening and impressive! I am truly grateful to Ricky and Leslie Yam for introducing these innovations and how these innovations drive seamless customer experiences in a smart office setting. Certainly, there are always rooms for improvement on innovation. Will continue advising Ricky and his teammates to take it to the next level and stay ahead of the curve.

Having such a visionary leader as my former student fills me with great appreciation. Keep up the excellent work, Ricky!

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Our mission at the DaLa – Data Literacy Association (#DaLa) is to empower individuals to effectively communicate through data and unlock business values from data asset (#兩文四語). Today, our HR Data User Interest Group (DIG), led by Elaine Wang, organized an engaging forum that brought together  #HR leaders and  #AI experts to discuss the Future Skills needed in the AI Era. It was truly inspiring to witness the enthusiastic participation of numerous HR professionals who were eager to learn about AI and data literacy and how to empower their colleagues in these areas.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kandy Lui  #iHRM, Andy Kwok OpenCertHub Academy, Jasper Li IVC Solutions, and Catherine Yu HKSTP Partnerships (Community Lab) for their invaluable support in making this forum a success. I would also like to extend my appreciation to our esteemed speakers Elaine Wang  #DaLa, Andy Kwok  #OCHA, Nixon Chau  #SenseTime, PuiShing LEE  #Microsoft, Leung Peter  #iHRM, Jo Ledarney (she/her)  #Colliers, Will Fu  #GalaxyMacau, Jasper Lee  #IVC and the dedicated team at DaLa. Dr. Victor Ng OpenCertHub Academy delivered a captivating mini workshop on developing a data mindset, and our HR attendees actively engaged with his insightful approach. Special thank to our DaLa founding fellow Tim Chan, MBA being our MC today.

In addition to our HR DIG, DaLa has established four other interest groups focusing on Finance, Operations and IT, Marketing, and Sales. We are committed to organizing more forums, study trips, research studies, and surveys for these professional domains. By becoming a member of DaLa, you can join our thriving community and stay at the forefront of the data-driven AI Era.

Check out our upcoming activities at See you in our next gathering. Cheers.

Heartfelt thank to Fanny Chan, Alice Chuck, Anice Chan, Rocky Tung, YC, Chapman WONG, Andrew Lau, Teddy Liu, Alex Hung, Jacob Wai, FRM, FFA FIPA, FCMA, CSDP, MHKCS, 鄭嘉泓, Ravel Lai, Alvin Leung, Kith Leung, Vivian Tsang, Angela Lee and many others for their presence and support.

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🌟 “工業家的前世今生” – A Talk with Steve Chuang, FHKI’s Chairman at 管理新思維 🌟

Today, we gather to commemorate a significant occasion for our nation – the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. It is a day of great importance. What a day to have had Steve Chuang  #莊子雄, Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Industries (#FHKI)  #香港工業總會, as my guest on the program “New Management Thinking”  #管理新思維 at Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) (#RTHK).

Steve stands out as an individual who embodies qualities of humility, extensive expertise, and forward-thinking innovation, making him one of the most remarkable industrial leaders I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. I extend my sincere gratitude to Steve for graciously accepting my invitation as a guest.

During our conversation, Steve shared his vast experience and wisdom accumulated over several decades in the industry. I received a great deal of wisdom from Steve, and one of his quotes that truly inspired me is: “不變就out, 我們無選項, 一定要改變。” or “If you don’t change, you’re out. We have no choice but to embrace change.”

We delved into various valuable topics on our program:
1. We explored the changes that have taken place in the role of hashtag#industrialists  #工業家 over the past three decades. How have they adapted, transformed, and excelled in their endeavors?

2. We discussed how industrialists have harnessed #innovation and hashtag#technology to bring about positive change. Furthermore, we examined their collaborations with hashtag#ecosystem stakeholders such as universities, startups, and government bodies. The San Tin #Technopole (#新田科技城) in the hashtag#NorthernMetropolis (#北部都會區) will be very influential not just for innovation and technology industry but also the advanced manufacturing sectors. We also discussed about its development.

3. We explored how FHKI has empowered thousands of its members to navigate through challenging issues while seizing opportunities in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area (hashtag#GBA), One Belt One Road or Belt and Road Initiative (hashtag#BRI hashtag#OBOR), hashtag#ASEAN, Europe, and the United States.


Let’s enjoy our National Day holiday and learn more from Steve. Cheers.

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🌟 20+ Years * Elite Leaders * Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) 管理新思維 🌟

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to host the renowned  #RTHK radio program, New Management Thinking  #管理新思維. This weekly two-hour program has been an incredible journey, surpassing 2,000 episodes in the last 20 years. It’s truly amazing! I want to express my gratitude to Professor Andrew Chan and the entire RTHK programme team for creating this remarkable achievement.

Our program aims to communicate valuable knowledge and mindsets in a way that is accessible to a broad audience, using a layman’s approach. Professor Chan has consistently reminded us to delve deep into the topics, ensuring that our audience gains meaningful insights from our discussions.

Recently, our program hosts including Larry Poon, Chun So had the pleasure of sharing a lunch with Professor Chan, Amy Mak and the RTHK teammates including Ivory Ho, Melissa Pik Yin Cheung, Jenny Lee and more. I am immensely grateful to the dedicated crew behind the scenes who have tirelessly produced 2,000 marvelous episodes over the past 20 years. We had a meaningful discussion about the memorable and touching interviews we conducted with our guests. We have learned so much from the guests’ professional and personal experiences. Additionally, we have exciting plans for 2024, with captivating content in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more!

I am especially thankful to Professor Chan for granting me the privilege of being the host of such an exceptional program. My journey as a host began with Professor Chan, and our first episode featured the wonderful guest, Jess Mak hashtag#HTC #3. It was an incredible experience. Since then, I have been fortunate to welcome esteemed leaders from Hong Kong as our guests, including Steve Chuang  #FHKI, Cally Chan  #Microsoft, Cindy Chow  #AEF, Kenny Sham  #Klook, Nixon Chau  #SenseTime, Clement Lam  #Sunlife, Thomson Lai  #AECOM, Sheldon Li  #Buyandship, Hugh Chow  #ESGC  #ASTRI, Ravel Lai  #UniChina  #Hysan, and more. I extend heartfelt thanks to each and every one of them.

If you or your leaders around have some great insight to share, please let me know. Do stay tuned every Sunday from 2pm to 4pm



CUHK Business School

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the 15th Banking Conference 2023 hosted by The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (#HKIB). It was an incredible event that brought together financial services practitioners and provided valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in the industry. I would like to express my appreciation to Carrie Leung, HKIB’s CEO for her exceptional leadership in driving and empowering professionals in the financial services sector. It is always my pleasure to collaborate with Carrie and her teammates in various FinTech initiatives such as HKICT Award FinTech Awards.

During the conference, I had the pleasure of meeting esteemed leaders such as ALEX Chan and Barry Chan from FORMS HK. Their pioneering work and successful implementation of several influential  #FinTech innovations in Hong Kong, mainland China, and across Asia were truly inspiring. Additionally, I had the privilege of connecting with Jessica Lam and Edward Wu from WeLab, one of the world’s top FinTech companies based in Hong Kong. I was particularly impressed by their company culture, which fosters innovation and collaboration. Moreover, I had the opportunity to engage with numerous other accomplished leaders in the financial services industry.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Nelson Chan, Head of Banking at  #AWS Amazon Web Services (AWS), for inviting me to their exclusive cocktail party for financial services executives. It was a delightful evening where I had the chance to reconnect with industry peers and forge new connections. Among the attendees were representatives from Patrick Khong, Lareina Wang 王玥 Medhy Souidi from DBS Bank  #DBS, Jayant Bhatia from Mox Bank, Joanne Ting from Thought Machine, Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. 富邦金控, Nicole L. from OCBC,  #OCBC, and many other prominent organizations.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the AWS Financial Services team for organizing such a joyful event to conclude the annual conference organized by HKIB. Thank you all for a memorable experience.

🌟 Exciting Moments at IABHK Annual Conference 2023!  #IABHK  x #DaLa 🌟

Did it actually happen? Was I truly conversing with the genuine Hins Cheung #張敬軒, or was it a robot or deep fake? Can it pass the Turing Test? The answer is affirmative. To verify his authenticity, I attempted to physically touch Hins’ face, ensuring he was not a robot or a clone. And the outcome was astonishing – he was indeed real and physically present beside me. How amazing!

I had the incredible honor of joining the panel on GenAI at the IABHK Annual Conference 2023, alongside esteemed experts & leaders, including the amazing Hins. The panel, expertly moderated by Brian Hui from  #HSBC, provided invaluable insights into the intersection of AI, data, and marketing. Alongside with me, Hins & Brian, our panel had Fred Sheu  #Microsoft, Tommie Lo  #Preface, James Lee  #PWC. Other renowed speakers like Herbert Chia  #HKSTP, Saron Leung  #Google,  #小紅書, hashtag#Nvidia were also amazing. It was truly an eye-opening experience!

I want to express my deepest appreciation to Victor Cheng, Kevin Huang, Alvina Chan, Arthur Chan & others from IABHK for organizing this invaluable forum that brought together thought leaders & pioneers from the AI & marketing industries. The conference perfectly aligned with the mission of our DaLa – Data Literacy Association (DaLa), which aims to empower individuals & companies across various fields with data literacy skills.

The conference was a resounding success & I am thrilled to announce that DaLa was a Supporting Organization for this prestigious gathering. As the Founding Chairman of DaLa, it was an honor to represent our organization on this esteemed panel. I am grateful for the invitation and the opportunity to share our vision and expertise.

Our DaLa founding fellows, Nixon Chau, Will Fu, Michael Yung and I, had the privilege of sharing our insights in various panels. It was a true testament to the importance of data literacy in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Moreover, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my fellow DaLa founding fellows, including Patrick Khong (Convenor, Marketing Data User Interest Group or DIG), Ravel Lai, Elaine Wang, Ada Lam, & Andrew Chan for their unwavering support.

Join DaLa as a DaLa member and grow together in this exciting data literacy journey. Looking ahead, I am excited to invite all HR leaders and practitioners to join us at DaLa’s upcoming Data Forum on Oct 5, where we will delve into the crucial topic of future skills in the AI Era. I encourage all interested individuals to mark their calendars.

Once again, I want to express my gratitude to IABHK and all attendees for making this conference an unforgettable experience. Let’s continue to drive innovation, collaboration, and data literacy in our respective fields!

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I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share my journey of completing a Doctor of Business Administration (#DBA) with the new cohort of  #CityU DBA2023. It’s incredible how time has flown by. My DBA journey commenced 15 years ago in September 2008. Returning to the program and meeting new learning partners (LPs) and professors evoked a warm and nostalgic feeling within me. I would like to extend my thanks to Professor Muammer Ozer for inviting me as a guest speaker during this year’s Residential Week.

Additionally, it brings me great joy to witness two of my friends, Patrick Khong and Jade Tin Hei Lee, embarking on their own DBA journeys today. Over the past few years, I have been grateful to witness many bright leaders from my network join our DBA program, including Dr. Lana Lo, Michael Leung, Steve Chuang, Alan Lai, Alvin Leung, Mike Tsui, DAVID Chung Tai-Wai, and many others.

During the session, in addition to sharing my own experiences, we had the privilege of hearing from Alfred Mu (Year 3), Fareeda Cassumbhoy (Year 2), and Winnie Tse (Year 1) as they shared their experiences at different stages of our DBA journey. I conveyed the highs and lows, challenges, struggles, and ultimately the rewarding experience of earning a doctoral degree. Although the journey may not have been easy, it was undoubtedly worth it. I also shared my secret sauce called Graduation Strategy with our new LPs so they can earn their DBA degree effectively. Happy to share more with you if you can buy me a drink in Dan Ryan😄🥂.

Armed with the research experience gained from my DBA and my practical experience from the industry, I am now equipped to nurture my CASE ecosystem. Through collaboration with key stakeholders, including the  #Community, #Academia,  #Startups, and  #Enterprises (in short #CASE), my aim is to co-create valuable outcomes. I express my gratitude to CityU DBA for empowering me with the mindset, knowledge, and capabilities necessary to achieve my CASE model.

Currently, I find myself in CASE 2.0 and eagerly anticipate transitioning to CASE 3.0, where I will welcome more of our DBA alumni. I invite you to stay tuned and join me on this exciting journey. Let me know if you would like to know more. Cheers.

City University of Hong Kong

During our CUHK Mini MBA programme, we embarked on an enriching study trip to the Greater Bay Area (GBA), which proved to be an exceptional learning experience. Together with our executive students from Fubon Bank Hong Kong, we had the opportunity to explore key financial services and fintech hubs in the region, including Shenzhen (Futian and Qianhai) and Guangzhou (Nanshan).

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Shenzhen Fintech Association, FORMS HK, Nanshan Bureau of Financial Services, InvestHK and numerous other companies and individuals who played a pivotal role in making this trip a resounding success. Their contributions allowed us to gain profound insights into the GBA and discover how to leverage its unique advantages for the development of the financial services market in the region.

We express our sincere appreciation to the management and human resources teams at Fubon for their unwavering support. It has been a privilege to collaborate with them in nurturing their key management team through our Mini MBA programme, fostering innovative leadership every step of the way. Heartfelt thank to all our executive students and my colleagues at CUHK for their active participation and support in this learning journey.

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Talent plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and business success across the globe. The shortage of skilled individuals is a pressing issue, not only in Hong Kong but worldwide. Today, I had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion alongside a team of esteemed talent experts at the dynamic LinkedIn office. Our panel included Nathan Khan  #Linkedln, Karen Ng  #Deel, Samantha Kwok  #Prenetics. Appreciate Sinyi Au  #Ignites for moderating our discussion. Thanks for LinkedIn, Deel and  #Spotlighter having me in the inspiring panel.

During the event, I was deeply impressed by the way LinkedIn harnesses the power of data in all aspects of their businesses and operations. Their utilization of data goes beyond job matching and extends to LinkedIn Learning and various other data-driven products. I particularly admire their data-centric culture, where every team member values and leverages data in their work. As the Founding Chairman of DaLa – Data Literacy Association  #DaLa, it’s encouraging and eye-opening to see the power of data from LinkedIn.

Equally remarkable was Deel’s commitment to empowering companies of all sizes to expand globally. They provide an extensive ecosystem and local support to assist organizations and individuals venturing into new markets. It is encouraging to learn that Deel is expanding its presence in Hong Kong, where many of us are actively exploring opportunities beyond our local borders.

Following the panel discussion, we enjoyed a delightful cocktail reception featuring exquisite wine and food. However, the true highlight was the invaluable knowledge exchange that occurred among professionals from diverse backgrounds, including innovation and technology, HR, legal, media, finance, retail, and more. Despite our varied expertise, we all shared a common objective: to discover strategies for attracting, nurturing, engaging, and retaining talent on a global scale, which is crucial for our growth and, quite possibly, our survival. Personally, I gleaned numerous insights throughout the day, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity.

Today, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with old acquaintances while also forging new friendships. It was a joy to meet Janessa Chan, Nicole Kuo, Matina Fung, Vince Pei, Alan Siu. Agnes Liu, Jackie Lau, Lauren Lee Tim Cho, Andy Choy, Angel Cheung, Jackie Lau and many more. Let’s keep in touch.

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Linkedln Deel Spotlighter