I had a wonderful time this evening on a boat trip through the breathtaking and captivating Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. I was joined by Todd Skinner, Marie Claire Lim Moore, and their teammates from TransUnion #TU Hong Kong. It was truly a remarkable experience to come together after three years of the Covid period and enjoy a delightful boat trip filled with laughter, fun, and music.

I want to express my gratitude to Todd and Claire for extending the invitation to me. As an #INED, my interactions with TU teammates have typically been limited to formal meetings where I provide guidance on key opportunities and issues in the data economy. This outing provided a unique opportunity for us to get to know each other on a more personal level. I am thankful for the chance to meet, chat, share drinks, and even dance and sing some fantastic songs together. Both Claire and Celina Leung showcased their impressive vocal talents, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our TU teammates and deepening our connections.

I warmly welcome Todd, the President International at TransUnion, to visit Hong Kong more frequently. We had the chance to discuss my perspectives on data strategy and data economy in the Greater Bay Area (#GBA), and I greatly appreciated his openness and support. I eagerly look forward to our future meetings, where we can delve further into these discussions and explore new possibilities together.

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I am extremely honored and grateful to have received the Faculty Teaching Merit Award 2021-2022 from Professor Lin Zhou, the Dean of the Business School at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, for the second consecutive year. I would like to thank Dean Zhou, my colleagues, guest speakers, and most importantly, my students for their trust, support, and proactive engagement in our classes. This award means a lot to me. It endorsed my approach of teaching (after many trials or MVPs) and encourage me to do even better in the road ahead.

Teaching experienced executive students is challenging and requires extensive content preparation, class flow planning, and lively delivery. I enjoy every moment of sharing my practical industry experience and proven models with my students from the EMBA, Chinese EMBA, MBA, M.Sc., MiM, and corporate executive courses, both in the lecture theater and off-campus activities like meals, happy hours, coaching moments, alumni gatherings, basketball games, and more. Empowering my students to learn effectively and stay relevant and ahead of the curve in the digital era is the most fulfilling aspect of my teaching journey.

I appreciate my students’ input and fruitful discussions on various topics such as #Strategy, #CorporateInnovation, #Entrepreneurship, #AI, #Platform, #FinTech, #EmergingTech and more. The most grateful moments for me were when I saw my students working together as teams, made good use of what they learnt and spent significant effort applied to their final team projects. Really touched on receiving flowers from my Chinese EMBA students as well – first time in my life.

Heartfelt thank to the advice and support from all of you in my teaching journey especially Professor Andrew Chan, Kalok Chan, Pong Yuen, Howard Lam, Chun So, Waiman Cheung, Ning Rong LIU, Kevin SM Yeung and many others behind the scene.

I would also like to thank Professor Muammer Ozer, all DBA professors, colleagues and my fellow learning partners at #CityU, to have empowered me as a passionate professor and business scholar with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in both academia and industry, enabling me to make a significant impact in both areas.

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Happy Birthday🥂🎂🥰.  We celebrated the first anniversary of the BEAst programme of the Bank of East Asia The Bank of East Asia, Limited (BEA) (#BEA) by singing a happy birthday song. The event was held at the amazing BEA collaborative space Cafe23 in Central, where many leaders of the Hong Kong FinTech ecosystem gathered to share their joy with the BEAst team. Great to have seen King Leung  #InvestHK, Einav Nixon  #IsraelTrade, Eric Or  #HKSTP, Victor Yim  #Cyberport, Barry Chan  #Forms, Juni Yan  #OpenHive, Kris Li  #SAP, Angie Woo  #PCCW, Derek Tse  #Microsoft, Leo Liu  #AlibabaCloud, Kevin Leung  #LIQUID, Ricky Lo  #Adobe and more there.

We appreciate the leadership of Stephen Leung and the senior management of BEA for co-creating values with the FinTech ecosystem, not just for the bank, but for the industry as a whole. Keep it going, Stephen. We will fully support you and your teammates.

Thanks to Stephen for his invitation to me and my teammates Dr. Victor Ng and Andy Kwok at OpenCertHub Academy  #OCHA to join today’s party. We enjoyed collaborating with the Data, FinTech, and Learning & Development teams of BEA. We are grateful for the opportunity to empower BEA colleagues at all levels to speak data and use data effectively in their daily jobs. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Tong, Eric Wong, Zoe Lau, Stephen, Kenny Au, Doris Tong and many more at BEA.

Our journey has not ended yet, and we will continue to build on our solid foundation to empower BEA to stay ahead of the curve in using and monetizing data effectively. We look forward to co-creating even more value from data for BEA and its ecosystem.

We’ll see you all at the 2nd BEAst Anniversary.

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On behalf of the Data Literacy Association (#DaLa), I am grateful to have served as a Chair Judge for the Business GoVirtual (#BGOV) Tech Awards again this year. The awards had three categories: Startup of the Year, Tech Company of the Year, and Digital Transformation of the Year. Congratulations to all the winners this year, and I am honored to have received an appreciation plaque from HKSAR Government CIO, Ir. Tony Wong, JP, and Culsin Li from Baobab Tree Event, the organizer of BGOV. The list of the awardees can be found from this link:

I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all our fellow judges, awards participants, and our two key partners this year, Timothy Leung and Sandra Chan from #AILab, and Andy Kwok from #OpenCertHub. It was also great to see many tech leaders at the event, including Denis Yip 葉成輝, John Leung, Ivan Shum, Leo Tsang, CPA, LLM, MSc., Vincent So, wilson chong, and many more.

During the awards presentation ceremony, it was my pleasure to give the final remarks. My key message was that value co-creation is the key to success in digital transformation. Whether you are a tech startup or a tech giant, our mandate should be to collaborate with our customers to create value and impact for our clients and their stakeholders. This year’s awards saw some great collaborative efforts, and I commend all the teams for their hard work. Let’s keep up the momentum and see you next year with more impactful innovation.

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The moment of truth has come today after a few months of preparation. DaLa – Data Literacy Association #DaLa collaborated with Baobab Tree Event to organize a powerful panel discussion on AI with elite AI leaders in Hong Kong as our panel speakers. It was the opening forum of the 2023 Business GoVirtual Conference #BGOV. Full house today onsite participated our panel discussion and another few hundreds through online access.

In the capacity of DaLa’s Founding Chairman, it was my honour to be the moderator of this influential panel. Our guest speakers included Cally Chan #Microsoft, Nixon Chau  #Sensetime, Chris Au Young #AAHK and Sunny Lee BBS JP #ASTRI. We discussed new AI use cases, challenges, Responsible AI and the future of AI. Really fruitful and inspring discussion. Heartfelt thank to all of our speakers.

My 3 key takeaways are as follows. What is yours?

1. EQ
AI may have higher IQ than human in the future but human’s  #EQ is still our uniqueness. AI may be able to imitate our emotion but they are not real human emotion.

2. Alignment of AI and Business Goals
We can invest a lot on AI but no business impact. We need to ensure that we start from business goals and problems. Then, invest on those AI innovations that can empower us to achieve our aligned business goals and create measurable impact.

3. Responsible AI
If we use AI smartly, it can bring tremendous value to our customers and generate good business for our companies. However, lots of things can go wrong technically and ethically. Use data to track, detect and alert potential risks based on Responsible AI principles will enable us to use AI and data responsibly and confidently.

Apart from learning, networking and having fun are also a part of this year’s BGOV. We had automated machine there to try different types of sake, having chats with new and old friends, live music, and more. Two more days to go at the BGOV. See you there.

Big thank you to Culsin Li, Cathina Huen, Denise Ho and many others from Baobab Tree Event for their amazing job to organize this great conference. Also appreciate my DaLa’s teammates, including Chris Au Young, Nixon Chau, Dr. Lana Lo, Ravel Lai, Elaine Wang, Andy Kwok, Tim Chan, MBA, Ada Lam, Yoko Fu and more, for their effort behind the scene and support in person in today’s forum. If you would like to be a part of our DaLa’s community and participate our future forums, company visits, training, etc. to learn more about Data Literacy and meet like minds, you are welcome to join us.

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Another cohort of my CUHK MBA course on AI Applications in Financial Services is about to finish. Really learnt a lot from our guest speakers this year together with my students.

Appreciate the inspiring sharing from

  • Andy Chun #Prudential on AI in #Insurance
  • Dustin Lee #HASE on AI in #Banking
  • Rebecca Lim, CFA #AutoML on AI #Investment
  • Rico Tang on AI in #Web3 and #DeFi

Our students were able to learn from the practitioners on their experience, opportunities and challenges. Heartfelt thank to all our guest speakers from me and my students.