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🎂🥳🥂Happy birthday to our DaLa – Data Literacy Association! Congratulations on celebrating our 1st anniversary since #DaLa was founded in December 2022. It’s truly a joyous occasion to have our founding fellows and honorary advisors united to celebrate this significant milestone. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together, filled with laughter, delightful conversations, and the pleasant company of good wine.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the dedicated efforts and passion from our fellow teammates and ecosystem partners, as well as the guidance provided by the advisors. Together, we have achieved remarkable success in our first year. Great to have your presence tonight: Hugh Chow, Argon Ho, David Ho, Ravel Lai, Herman Cheng, Stephen Leung, Patrick KHONG, Chris Au Young, Alex Hung, Dr. Jacob Wai, Michael Yung, Henry Hui, Alvin Cheung, PuiShing LEE, Andrew Chan, Michael Wong, Andy Kwok, Victor Ng, Ivan Ng, Will Fu, Jade Tin Hei Lee, Tim Chan, MBA, Elaine Wang, Ada Lam, Candi Yeung, Yoko Fu, Brandon Lo. Thanks to Professor Simon S.M. Ho, Jennifer Tan, Victor Lam, Dr. Michael Chan, Nixon Chau, Teddy Liu, 鄭嘉泓, Matthew Chan, Dr. Lana Lo and Alex Wong.

As we look back on our accomplishments in the 1st year, I felt so proud and honour to have such a great DaLa team. Let me highlight a few key remarkable programs on empowering all walks of life to speak data that we have accomplished.

1st DaLa Founding Fellows Meeting

Study Trip to Macau

Data Literacy for #Marketing
AI Panel in Annual iab Conference

Data Literacy for #FinancialServices
FinTech Week Hong Kong 2023
#FinTechWeek #FTWHK2023

Data Literacy for #HumanResources #HR
DaLa Data Forum – Future Skills in Augmented AI Era

Data Literacy as #FutureSkills

Data Literacy for #SupplyChain
GS1 HK Summit 2023

Data Literacy for #Sustainability
DaLa Data Forum – Data in Sustainability
#Adobe #AWS

Data Literacy for #IT
CIO Executive Summit 2023

Data Literacy for #Startups                                                                     Alibaba #AEF #JumpStarter 2023

Data Literacy for #AI #Entrepreneurs–k

Empowered Major IT Conferences:
#Revive Tech Asia 2023

#BaobabTree #BusinessGoVirtual 2023

#Alibaba Cloud Summit 2023

#Google Cloud Summit 2023

#AWS Financial Services

Just named a few. And remember, there are even more exciting things to come in 2024. Join the DaLa community and embark on a collaborative learning journey together. For more information, visit the DaLa website at

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Change Starts With "YOU". What a quote posted on the wall of the Agile Culture Transformation #ACT room in the China CITIC Bank International #CNCBI 中信銀行(國際) in Hong Kong. The Bank really understands how important culture is to make any change work. It is so inspiring and a perfect place for us to hold our forum there with the main
It is our honour that DaLa - Data Literacy Association is one of the supporting organizations for the well-known Cloud Forum organized by KORNERSTONE Institute 8 years in a row. I would moderate one of the high-power panel discussion. Thanks the leadership of Catherine Chan and her teammates to drive the growth of the Cloud Forum in the past n
Another meaningful gathering for data experts and users to learn from each other this afternoon in the amazing #Runnovation place of China Resources Capital. It was a crossover for B4B Challenge #B4B and Data Literacy Association #DaLa. Appreciate the support from Dennis Choi, Philip Cheng and Xinyi L. #CRCapital. B4B Challenge B4B Limited has been a platform for Hong Kong and mainland data startups to apply their