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DaLa gathers HR Leaders and AI Experts at a Data Seminar for HR “Future Skills in Demand for AI Augmented Workplace”

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Our mission at the DaLa – Data Literacy Association (#DaLa) is to empower individuals to effectively communicate through data and unlock business values from data asset (#兩文四語). Today, our HR Data User Interest Group (DIG), led by Elaine Wang, organized an engaging forum that brought together  #HR leaders and  #AI experts to discuss the Future Skills needed in the AI Era. It was truly inspiring to witness the enthusiastic participation of numerous HR professionals who were eager to learn about AI and data literacy and how to empower their colleagues in these areas.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kandy Lui  #iHRM, Andy Kwok OpenCertHub Academy, Jasper Li IVC Solutions, and Catherine Yu HKSTP Partnerships (Community Lab) for their invaluable support in making this forum a success. I would also like to extend my appreciation to our esteemed speakers Elaine Wang  #DaLa, Andy Kwok  #OCHA, Nixon Chau  #SenseTime, PuiShing LEE  #Microsoft, Leung Peter  #iHRM, Jo Ledarney (she/her)  #Colliers, Will Fu  #GalaxyMacau, Jasper Lee  #IVC and the dedicated team at DaLa. Dr. Victor Ng OpenCertHub Academy delivered a captivating mini workshop on developing a data mindset, and our HR attendees actively engaged with his insightful approach. Special thank to our DaLa founding fellow Tim Chan, MBA being our MC today.

In addition to our HR DIG, DaLa has established four other interest groups focusing on Finance, Operations and IT, Marketing, and Sales. We are committed to organizing more forums, study trips, research studies, and surveys for these professional domains. By becoming a member of DaLa, you can join our thriving community and stay at the forefront of the data-driven AI Era.

Check out our upcoming activities at See you in our next gathering. Cheers.

Heartfelt thank to Fanny Chan, Alice Chuck, Anice Chan, Rocky Tung, YC, Chapman WONG, Andrew Lau, Teddy Liu, Alex Hung, Jacob Wai, FRM, FFA FIPA, FCMA, CSDP, MHKCS, 鄭嘉泓, Ravel Lai, Alvin Leung, Kith Leung, Vivian Tsang, Angela Lee and many others for their presence and support.

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