Digital Leadership Training Overview

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We have been providing a series of proven and practical digital leadership and transformation training courses to enterprises and start-ups in Asia.    For more details, please visit each of the courses from the menu bar of the Digital Leadership Training.

For those who are interested in the course, please contact us at [email protected].   The courses are being launched through partnerships with universities, professional associations, and training institutes, such as the Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKUSPACE ICB and SEA, HKPC, Kornerstone, etc.    Please visit the “Upcoming Training” menu for more.    The courses can also be tailor-made for corporations to suit the company’s industry, opportunities, and challenges.

Digital Leadership Category Training Course
AI & Big Data The Power Duo of AI & Big Data
  Citizen Data Scientists Empowerment Program
  Competing with Big Data in the Digital Economy
FinTech Global FinTech Innovation & Industry Best Practices
  FinTech Innovation & Applications
  AI Innovation & Applications in Financial Services
Blockchain Blockchain Innovation & Applications
  Cryptocurrency Opportunities and Challenges
Digital Strategy & Transformation Strategy Reboot for the Digital Economy
  Platform Revolution and Breakthrough
  Talents Strategy & Cultivation for the Digital Economy
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Emerging Technology and Business Model Innovation
  Innovation Management & Corporate Entrepreneurship
  Cultivating, Managing & Sustaining Tech Parks
  Winning Strategies for Start-ups in Asia
数字领导力类别 培训课程
人工智能与大数据 数字经济的双引擎:人工智能与大数据
金融科技 全球金融科技创新与行业最佳实践
区块链 区块链创新与应用
数字战略与转型 数字经济的战略重索与创新
创新与创业 新兴科技与商业模式创新