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Visiting Ricky Chong, CEO of Ricoh, my previous EMBA student

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🌟 “Imagine and Change” of a 60 Years Old Legend 🌟

I had the pleasure of visiting Ricky Chong, the Chief Operating Officer of  #Ricoh Hong Kong today, and I am truly delighted. Ricky was one of my students in the Corporate Innovation course during his time in the CUHK EMBA program. Witnessing how he has implemented innovation and successfully transformed his business, which boasts a 60-year history, fills me with gratitude. Undoubtedly, it has been a challenging journey.

With the decline in demand for paper, Ricoh, once known as the “Copier King”, has recognized the need to adapt in the digital world. This transformation is not a luxury but an urgent necessity. Ricky has boldly taken the lead in steering his team towards a smart office concept. Smart office is more than a cool place with modern design. Their new office serves as a sandbox for experimentation and showcases how technology and data can enhance the modern workplace, which is smart, collaborative, and hybrid in nature.

Let me share some of the key takeaways from my visit:

1. Smartphones serve as the central control for managing everything, and the entire office is effectively visualized, creating digital twins.

2. By adopting and experimenting with new technologies in their office, Ricoh can provide their clients and prospects with a “Seeing is believing” experience. Scanning a QR code instantly provides access to all relevant product information on various technologies and devices.

3. Booking seating arrangements and collaborative spaces is made convenient through dedicated apps. A comprehensive dashboard displays key metrics of a modern office, such as CO2 levels and power consumption.

4. Colleagues are rewarded with points for utilizing collaborative spaces and making environmental contributions. These points can be exchanged for coffee, food, and other merchandise.

5. A collaborative lab has been established to foster innovation among both internal stakeholders and external startups.

And there is much more… Eye opening and impressive! I am truly grateful to Ricky and Leslie Yam for introducing these innovations and how these innovations drive seamless customer experiences in a smart office setting. Certainly, there are always rooms for improvement on innovation. Will continue advising Ricky and his teammates to take it to the next level and stay ahead of the curve.

Having such a visionary leader as my former student fills me with great appreciation. Keep up the excellent work, Ricky!

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