I had the pleasure of hosting Gary Lam, the Founder and CEO of Posify Smart Retail, at my office today. It’s incredible to think that it has already been 23 years since I first encountered Gary during his time as a bright technical consultant at Hyperion (now part of Oracle). Witnessing his personal and professional growth into a successful serial entrepreneur fills me with joy and gratitude.

Gary is the visionary behind Posify, an esteemed  #O2O  #eCommerce platform in Asia. I am honored to have provided guidance and facilitated connections with key partners and customers in the region. Gary’s astute approach in capitalizing on these opportunities has propelled further growth for his venture.

I have discussed the current state of my CASE ecosystem with Gary today. CASE represents Community, Academy, Startup, and Enterprise. With great care, I selected relevant and elite companies and individuals from my network to be a part of this ecosystem. My primary objective is to empower them and facilitate meaningful connections among them, fostering value co-creation.

I am delighted to share that Gary’s Posify holds a crucial role within my CASE ecosystem. Apart from Posify, I am so grateful to have had many good friends and partners in my CASE ecosystem. For a visual representation of the CASE ecosystem, please refer to the CASE chart behind our photo or visit my office soon.

I eagerly anticipate our ongoing collaboration, working together to empower Gary and his team to reach their full potential. Keep up the fantastic work, Gary!

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The #apidays conference was successfully held in Hong Kong this year following the pandemic. The event brought together data experts, developers, and business executives to exchange best practices, discuss use cases, and explore technologies related to utilizing APIs for creating value for both external and internal customers.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Patrick C.S. Fan  #beNovelty, who played a vital role in bringing this global conference to Hong Kong and has been a passionate advocate for APIs, fostering an API community across Asia. For more information about the conference, please visit the following link:

DaLa – Data Literacy Association  #DaLa was honored to be a Supporting Organization for this conference. We actively participated in several panel discussions during the event. One of the panels I moderated focused on “The Power of Data & APIs.” We are grateful to Jerry Ying from  #TransUnion, Andrew Chan from  #Apoidea, and Brian Chan from  #Radica for sharing insightful use cases and innovative approaches to addressing related challenges.

At the conference, DaLa also had a dedicated booth to introduce our association to the attendees. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our participating founding fellows, who dedicated their time and effort to engage with the audience and provide information about our various membership options. I was very touched and inspired by our DaLa team on their amazing contribution and team spirit. Appreciate it very much. We emphasized how DaLa empowers non-IT executives and professionals to effectively leverage data. If you wish to learn more about DaLa, please visit our website or add us on LinkedIn under DaLa – Data Literacy Association.

Furthermore, we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Crystal Fok from  #HKSTP Platform, who is an influential leader in Hong Kong driving the sharing of data among enterprises in a secure environment to benefit the entire data economy in the region. We discussed potential collaborations between DaLa and her team to support this important initiative.

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During the Covid period, eCommerce has experienced significant growth, particularly in the realm of cross-border shopping. The emergence of cross-border eCommerce has become increasingly prominent. In a recent episode (Aug 27, 2023) of the  #RTHK  #香港電台 program titled “New Management Thinking  #管理新思維,” I had the pleasure of hosting Sheldon Li, the Co-founder and CEO of Buyandship, a leading cross-border eCommerce company based in Hong Kong. Our theme was “Opportunities and Challenges of Cross-border eCommerce”.

Sheldon is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of launching successful ventures. He is driven by a strong sense of purpose, aiming to make global shopping as effortless as shopping locally for everyone. Sheldon is not merely a dreamer or an innovator; he takes action and executes his ideas effectively. One of Sheldon’s core characteristics is his unwavering focus on understanding and addressing the pain points of customers.

Sheldon employs a data-driven approach to measure and comprehend customer feedback, constantly striving to improve and innovate based on this information. He said, “If we can’t measure it, we can’t manage it.” I couldn’t agree with that more. His emphasis on customer satisfaction is reflected in their Net Promoter Score ( #NPS), which surpasses industry averages by a significant margin. Many of their customers come through referrals, a testament to the positive experiences they provide.

Sheldon and his two partners adhere to the LCD principle— #Logistics,  #Community, and  #Data —which serves as their guiding framework in overcoming challenges. Throughout our conversation, Sheldon shared numerous captivating examples and insights that left a lasting impression. They have been applying lots of AI and recently GenAI in customer facing and operational areas.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the world of cross-border eCommerce and, more importantly, learning how to run a successful startup or adopt a startup mindset, I encourage you to follow the link below to access the replay of our conversation. (Aug 27, 2023)

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The Greater Bay Area (#GBA):
We are delighted to see that we have reached the final module of our#MiniMBA program for Fubon Bank today. The focus of today’s session was on unleashing the potential of financial services in GBA. Over the past few months, our students have successfully completed a series of modules covering various crucial topics related to innovative leadership. Congratulations to the entire class for reaching this significant milestone in the program Well done, team.

Developing a market penetration strategy for the GBA has been identified as one of the top priorities for financial services companies in Hong Kong. Throughout the module today, we have delved into several key aspects of the GBA, including demographics, economics, market segmentation, policies and regulations, as well as emerging trends in #FinTech such as #Web3,  #DeFi,  #Blockchain  #Data,  #CBDC,  #eCNY,  #eHKD, and more. We have also explored cross-border challenges, people and  #culture,  #intrapreneurship among other relevant areas.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our two guest speakers, Kevin Mo and Emil Chan, for sharing their invaluable insights. Kevin brings extensive experience working in mainland China, while Emil has actively participated in the latest FinTech ecosystem in both Hong Kong and the mainland. Their practical knowledge and perspectives have greatly enriched our learning experience.

Now, our students are expected to apply the knowledge gained throughout the entire Mini MBA program. We believe in the power of firsthand experience, so we have arranged visits to companies in the GBA, providing an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the region. Additionally, they will be tasked with a final team project to formulate their GBA strategies and execution plans.

To ensure the success of their projects, Fubon’s senior management, our esteemed CUHK professors, and I will provide mentoring and support during the project preparation phase. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the innovative ideas and solutions that our students will present in the near future.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my colleagues from the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB) at CUHK for their invaluable contributions in bringing this program to fruition. Their hard work and dedication behind the scenes have been instrumental in making this endeavor a success.

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I am grateful for the opportunity to have shared my experience in corporate innovation with Ocean Network Express (#ONE), a prominent global container shipping company. I am particularly fond of their company name, ONE, as it embodies the principles of focus, alignment, teamwork, and other essential elements for achieving innovation success. During our training session, over 50 senior management members of ONE actively participated.

During the session, I discussed how the competitive landscape has transformed in the new economy, highlighting both the opportunities that have arisen and the accompanying threats. We delved into the best practices and core values of leading companies that drive innovation for customer-centric solutions and sustainable growth.

I would like to express my appreciation to the leadership team at Ocean Network Express, including Louis Tang, Yamby Lun, Jessica Lee, Kennedy Li, Kevin Ng, and others, for making this event possible. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Alvin Leung and Ada Lam for their dedicated efforts in organizing and coordinating this training session.

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What an inspiring day at the Hong Kong CIO Innovation Forum! When I woke up this morning, I felt a bit fatigued after my fruitful trip to Shanghai. I wondered if I would have enough energy to chair the forum. However, as soon as we started, I was invigorated by the insightful presentations from our esteemed speakers. I extend heartfelt thanks to all the speakers, attendees, organizers, and sponsors. DaLa – Data Literacy Association (#DaLa) was honored to be a Supporting Organization for this forum. Appreciate the presence and support from my DaLa Founding Fellows Patrick Khong, Dr. Lana Lo and Ada Lam.

The forum spanned the entire day, covering a wide range of topics such as  #Decentralization  #Blockchain  #GenAI,  #InclusiveIT,  #SustainableIT,  #AIOps,  #DigitalTransformation, Strategic IT Budgeting,  #DataLiteracy,  #DataGovernance, and more.

Here are the key takeaways from my perspective. I’d love to hear yours if you were in attendance:

1. Emerging technologies bring both opportunities and risks. The crucial aspect lies in how we manage them, rather than overplaying or underplaying their significance. Andy Chun from  #Prudential emphasized the importance of involving humans in the loop when leveraging GenAI. Richard Lord from  #HSBC wisely stated, “Hurry up and slow down.” Their insights were truly inspiring.

2.  #Data transcends technology. In my session, I shared, “To maximize the value of our  #DataAsset, we must empower our users with a data mindset and data literacy.” Viv Chan from  #Jebsen illustrated how they adopted a flywheel approach (mindset, tools, skillset, and data) in their journey of digital transformation. It was truly impressive.

3. How can we attract and retain IT talent? By embracing diversity, valuing passionate colleagues, enabling the transformation of non-IT personnel into IT roles, granting autonomy to pursue interesting projects, and more.

4. How can we achieve more with limited IT resources? By right-sizing our IT operations, managing total cost of ownership and operations ( #TCOO), adopting  #AIOps, and approaching IT budgeting with a strategic mindset.

Last but not least, it has been a pleasure collaborating with the forum organizer,  #QuestexAsia, and the individuals behind it, Lara S. and I B Saravanan. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations in the region.

Special thanks to all renowed speakers and partners today including Andy Chun, Viv Chan, Richard Lord, François Teo  #FreshWorks, Chirag Desai  #HKJC, Wilko Wielinga  #BAT, Peter Wong  #Prenetics, Daniel Cham, Susan P., Bobby Wu  #WorkDay, Silvia Lam Ihensekhien  #SwireCocaCola, Sean Z.  #Prada, Dave Chen  #HKCS, Bianca Ho  #SwireHotels, Hubert Tsang  #PacificTextile, Argoon Chuang  #AECOM and more..

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After a hiatus of three years due to the Covid pandemic, I had the privilege and fortune of visiting Shanghai for the first time. It proved to be an incredibly rewarding trip as I had the opportunity to meet data experts from both Hong Kong and Shanghai. 20+ teams from corporates and startups were harnessing the power of open data and other relevant data sources to collaboratively create business and social impact in both cities, and competed for awards. Apart from the data event, I did have great catch-up with good friends in Shanghai after 3 years+.

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the unwavering support received from senior government officials of the HKSAR Government  #OGCIO  #CSDI  #HKTDC and the Shanghai Government. Their commendable efforts in making open data accessible to all for innovation and problem-solving were truly commendable. Hong Kong boasts robust platforms for sharing Open Data and Spatial Data, empowering individuals and companies (large or small, commercial or non-profit) in the data economy to co-create value for customers and citizens alike. I extend my gratitude to the remarkable teams at B4B and SODA for their outstanding organization of the HK-SH Open Data Challenge.

Hong Kong Open Data

Hong Kong Spatial Data

During my visit, I, along with several government officials, had the opportunity to visit leading  #AI and  #Blockchain companies and met with their founders and CEOs in Shanghai, including  #Sensetime  #商汤, WanXiang  #万向, Shanghai Data Exchange  #上海数据交易所, and Lingang  #临港, among others. Their innovations were eye opener for me. In my capacities as  #B4B Principal Advisor and Founding Chairman of DaLa – Data Literacy Association  #DaLa, it was a great honor to participate in these visits and share my insights on data literacy. I was particularly pleased to meet numerous data experts throughout these activities, many of whom aligned with my views and recognized the importance of democratizing data literacy at all levels of our organizations to unlock the full potential and value of our open data.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who participated in this program. Let us continue to learn from one another and collaboratively create value from data within our ecosystem. Together, we can shape a future where data becomes a powerful catalyst for positive change.

What an amazing trip! Flying back now to HK. Will be chairing another great CIO Innovation Forum tomorrow in HK. My innovation and technology journey continues. See you around.

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Our organization, the DaLa – Data Literacy Association (#DaLa), is dedicated to empower individuals and companies across various professions and industries with the mindset and skillset to effectively understand, communicate with, utilize and monetize data. We collaborate with industry and professional associations to empower their members and networks on data literacy allowing them to harness the full potential of data in their respective fields.

We are grateful to have joined the HKIM Symposium 2023 with main theme on the Future of AI in Marketing. Patrick Khong, our DaLa’s Convenor of Marketing Data User Interest Group, along with several of our Founding fellows including Alex Hung, Matthew Chan, Ada Lam, Michael Wong and I with support from our Secretariat Yoko Fu, were there to participate the forum. In addition to marketing, we also have Data User Interest Groups in HR, Finance, Operations, IT, and Sales. We invite you to join us at

As the Founding Chairman of DaLa, I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion on AI Practices and Trends. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed panel speakers: Dr. Bethany Chan #DeepTranslate, Zacharias Cheng #AquaPro, Cyril Cheung #Vioo, DEREK TAK CHUEN NG #Parami.

It was a pleasure to reconnect with old friends and make new acquaintances such as Diane Chan陳麗珠 #HKET, #魏美珍,#胡孟青 #MetroFinance, Karen F. #HKPC, Dr. Stella Kwan, Kandy Lui #iHRM, Vincent So #RTIA, Wing Hung #Microsoft, Edward Choi #theioai, Franklin Law #OceanPark and more. Thanks to Karen F. #HKPC for such a spectacular venue at 香港生產力促進局 to host this Symposium.

I would like to extend my appreciation to #HKIM Dr. Michael Chan #陳裕光博士, Ivan Wong, Lucia Cheung, Dr. Angus Ho, Peter Lai – MSc, PgD, ProM, MHKIM and numerous others for organizing such an fantastic Symposium. Our DaLa team eagerly look forward to collaborating with you all to empower our members and networks with all necessary mindset and skillset in the Digital Economy.

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As the Founding Chairman of DaLa – Data Literacy Association #DaLa, I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at the kickoff ceremony for the Supply Chain SMEs Digital Transformation Programme. This event was organized by the Hong Kong Shippers Council and received support from the HKSAR Government Trade and Industry Department and 香港生產力促進局 #HKPC.

During my speech, I discussed the impact of Generative AI on the supply chain. I explained the differences between AI and GenAI, provided several examples of GenAI applications in the supply chain, and highlighted the challenges associated with implementing GenAI in companies of different sizes. My main message emphasized the importance of experimenting with GenAI and eventually integrating it as an agile co-advisor.

Following my speech, I participated in a panel discussion alongside logistics, operations, and eCommerce experts including Ken Wong, Ken Mok, Suki C. and Sunny Ho. Picked several great insights from my fellow panel speakers. Thank you.

I would like to express my gratitude to Willy Lin, Sunny Ho, Louisa C., Sally Chan for organizing such a meaningful forum and programme that empowers companies in the Hong Kong logistics industry. This programme aims to support SMEs in the logistics industry through education, funding advisory services, and more.

The mission of our Data Literacy Association is to empower individuals and companies across different industries to effectively utilize data. DaLa has a series of crossover forums with different professionals in the next few months. Please join us. Here are a few..

#Marketing: DaLa * #IABHK “AI All at Once”, #IABHK C23 Conference and Exhibition

#HR: DaLa * #iHRM “Data Seminar for HR: Future Skills in Demand for AI Augmented Workplace”

It is our pleasure to support this programme and empower leaders and practitioners in the logistics industry to leverage data effectively. I look forward to further collaboration with the Hong Kong Shippers Council in this programme and beyond.

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It gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to a new cohort of our CUHK EMBA students, alongside our esteemed alumni and colleagues. We recently had a delightful welcome cocktail event, where we had the opportunity to get acquainted with one another and foster new connections.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all our alumni who participated in this welcoming event, creating a warm and supportive atmosphere for our new students. Your presence and connection to our tightly-knit alumni community have greatly impacted the sense of belonging and camaraderie among our incoming students. Nice to have seen you all again.

We have many elite leaders across different industries joining our EMBA programme this year. As a EMBA professor and an innovation and technology industry practitioner, I am particularly thrilled to announce the inclusion of several remarkable digital leaders including Ryan Lai #foodpanda, Dicky Wong #NewWorld #NWD, and Kenneth Wong (he/him/his) #Google, who have joined us on this transformative EMBA journey. I firmly believe that empowering tech leaders to become strategic visionaries is essential in guiding them towards accomplishing even greater aspirations and making substantial contributions to our society. Really grateful to see them all sharing my vision.

This marks an exceptional beginning to their EMBA journey, one that will encompass a wealth of enriching learning experiences and the establishment of a robust professional network that will undoubtedly benefit their careers and businesses.

To all our new students, I extend a hearty welcome aboard. I look forward to seeing you both inside and outside the classroom as we embark on this remarkable journey together.

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