What a delightful evening spent with esteemed CIOs in Hong Kong! Our experience at the China Club went beyond savoring delectable cuisine; we had the pleasure of sampling various exquisite Scotch Whiskies.

I was grateful for the opportunity to personally congratulate Ravel Lai, Aaron Lee, Dr. Andy LUK , and Allan Wong on receiving the esteemed  #CIO100  #ASEAN Award. I am truly proud of all of you. It was also wonderful to catch up with Dave Chen, Leo Tsang, CPA, LLM, MSc. and Arthur Wong. Glad to have met Franco Lan. We thoroughly enjoyed the dinner, and I extend my gratitude to all.

I would like to express my thanks to Carmen Tam for her expert introduction to the Whiskies. It was a remarkable experience as we engaged all five senses to appreciate the wine. We listened to music, touched sandpaper, closed our eyes, smelled the wine, and finally savored its taste. It was truly amazing!

Moreover, our conversations during dinner were not limited to innovation, technology, and industry updates. We also shared personal experiences and discovered fellow basketball enthusiasts within our group who will join our regular biweekly games. How fantastic!

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The Hong Kong ICT Awards  #HKICTA holds a distinguished reputation as one of the most respected and prestigious platforms for recognizing innovation and technology in Hong Kong. Supported by HKSAR Government OGCIO and organized by eight esteemed organizations, it serves as a stage where exceptional achievements are celebrated.

Among the eight categories, the FinTech category has been organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers  #HKIB in the last 8 years. It is my honour of being invited as the Chief Judge for this Award since 2018.

In conjunction with the FinTech Week Hong Kong, the HKICT Awards Presentation Ceremony took place on Nov 3, 2023. I am delighted to announce that David B. Wang representing  #krip krip HK has won the Grand Award winner of the HKICTA FinTech Award. This is a remarkable accomplishment, and I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Krip for their outstanding achievement. Appreciate the great effort from my fellow judges this year including Anthony Chiu, Michael Leung, Aveline San, Dominic Siu, Kar Yan Tam, Victor Yim, Stephen Lau, Brit Blakeney Anghelakis, Andy Tong, and assessors led by Dr. Jacob Wai, FRM, FFA FIPA, FCMA, CSDP, MHKCS and Henry Chang.

In even more exciting news, Krip has also been selected as the overall Grand Award winner of the 2023 Hong Kong ICT Awards, surpassing winners from the other seven categories. We are tremendously proud of Krip and their accomplishments. David and his team have not only demonstrated remarkable innovation but have also showcased an entrepreneurial mindset and a positive attitude. Their presentation on technology, business model, and scalability plan was clear, professional, and truly impressive.

After eight years of organizing the FinTech Award as part of the HKICT Awards, HKIB has finally achieved the honor of having a team win the prestigious Grand Award. It is not just a recognition of Krip but also FinTech adoption in Hong Kong. I am so grateful that, apart from myself, the chief judges from other 7 categories also appreciate the importance and impact of FinTech to Hong Kong.

I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Carrie Leung, Philip Kam and their teammates at HKIB, and all the judges and assessors involved in the last 8 years. We are incredibly proud of Krip and their remarkable effort of HKIB team. Thank you.

We hope that Krip continues their outstanding efforts and continues to strive for further breakthroughs in their journey. We also express our gratitude to Cyberport Hong Kong for nurturing and supporting Krip right from the beginning.

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Yoko Fu Brandon Lo Candi Yeung

The background of my photo perfectly encapsulated the key themes of this year’s FinTech Week in Hong Kong –  #AI,  #Web3, and  #GBA. It has so much to discover and learn in the  #FTWHK this year.

During Day One of the FinTech Week, DaLa – Data Literacy Association powered a thought-provoking panel discussion on the topic of “Use Cases of  #GenAI in Financial Services and Lessons Learned.” The panel comprised experts from virtual bank, insurance company, wealth management firm, and  #FinTech startup, who shared valuable insights and practical tips. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed guest speakers: Alex Hung from  #ManuLife, Elaine Chan from #AXA, Edward Wu from  #WeLab, and Cheney Cheng from #Apoidea.

We were overwhelmed by the tremendous support and the entire hall was filled with enthusiastic participants. We sincerely appreciate everyone who joined us. Special thanks to my dedicated team members from  #DaLa, and good friends from  #TransUnion,  #WeLab and  #Cyberport for their unwavering support. It was particularly delightful to witness the presence of the entire TransUnion team led by Marie Claire Lim Moore, showcasing exciting data innovations in their remarkable booth. I am so proud of being one of their INEDs. Make sure not to miss the opportunity to learn from their showcase.

In addition to gaining insights into the innovations brought forth by established companies and startups, one of the highlights for me in the this year’s FTWHK was reconnecting with colleagues and friends like Suk-Wah Kwok from Transunion, Kelly Wong from WeLab, Henry Li from Cyberport, Alex Medana, Medhy Souidi, Syed Musheer Ahmed and many others after the challenging period of the Covid pandemic. I look forward to seeing you all again on Day 2 of the hashtag#FTWHK tomorrow.

Thanks  #WHUB Karena Belin Karen Contet and  #InvestHK King Leung for organizing a fantastic FinTech Week for us. Excellently done.

Patrick Khong, Elaine Wang, PuiShing LEE, 鄭嘉泓, Ada Lam, Matthew Chan, Anice Chan, Angela Chan, David Truong, Jerry Ying, Amita Sahni, Irene F., Cherry Lau, Eric Cheung, Andy Lam

#InsurTech  #WealthTech  #DataLiteracy  #FinancialServices
TransUnion WeLab AXA Manulife Investment Management Apoidea Group


🎤🎧 Join me at the upcoming  #CUHK  #EMBA Master Class on “Navigating Innovation Failure: Valuable Insights for Business Leaders.”

Inevitably, innovation failure is an integral aspect of any business journey, yet it offers valuable insights for leaders. Regrettably, individuals rarely discuss their unfavorable experiences with innovation, whether in the workplace or classroom setting.

In my class on corporate innovation that I deliver to my CUHK EMBA students every year and our CUHK Corporate Innovation Index (CII) project that we conduct every year to measure the level of innovation for large and small companies in Hong Kong, understanding and investigating the causes of innovation failure is an essential component for the prosperity of businesses of all scales.

In this Master class, I will delve into the importance of embracing failure as a learning opportunity and uncover the reasons behind innovation failures. By examining real-world examples and discussing common pitfalls, I aim at inspiring participants with strategies for effectively managing innovation failure, fostering a culture of experimentation, and empowering teams.

During the upcoming Master Class, we will have the exciting opportunity to hear from XINGYU CHEN, an esteemed member of our EMBA 2024 cohort and a prominent IT leader at P&G Hong Kong. Xingyu will graciously share his invaluable learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom, offering unique insights into our esteemed EMBA program.

In the collection of class photos, you will easily spot Xingyu as he stands out in his distinctive green jacket. His active involvement and proactive engagement, alongside his dedicated teammates, exemplify the essence of our EMBA classes – dynamic and interactive learning environments where participation is encouraged and valued.

Learning real-world innovation practices are critical as well. We often invite some of the best innovators in Hong Kong as our guest speakers to share their innovation experiences. In the photos, you can see Tat Lee and Kenny Cheng from WeLab Bank  #WeLab, and Chun Kai Lawrence Chau from  #MidlandProperty.

The Master Class will take place on November 8, from 7:30 to 9:00 pm at the CUHK Business School Town Centre, located on the 1st floor of the Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong. For further details and registration, please visit

Whether you are a business leader, technology practitioner, professional, entrepreneur, or a student on any discipline, embracing innovation is essential to creating & sustaining a competitive edge. I am excited to invite all of you to join my Master Class, where we will delve into the invaluable lessons and opportunities that can arise from the failures encountered in the pursuit of innovation.

CUHK EMBA CUHK Business School  #CUHK  #CUHKEMBA  #Innovation  #CorporateInnovation  #Technology  #Entrepreneurship

How would you rate the level of AI adoption in your company? That was the precise polling question posed to our panel participants during the “Pathway to AI Adoption” session at the 16th CIO Executive Summit 2023, hosted by MIG Events. An overwhelming majority of over 60% of the audience rated their company’s AI adoption as 4 or lower on a scale of 1 to 10 (highest).

On behalf of DaLa – Data Literacy Association (#DaLa), I moderated a panel with 3 outstanding IT leaders including Andy Chun  #Prudential, Dan Wong  #MTR (former) & Francis Ng  #OCBC. We had a fruitful discussion on the AI adoption and lesson learned in the journey. We also talked about how to generate and prioritize AI experiments and use cases. Appreciate Andy, Dan & Francis for their valuable insights.

My 3 key takeaways:

1. “Push and Pull” Strategy –
Emphasize Strategic Vision and Empowerment:
To foster a successful AI and Data culture within a company, it is crucial for the leadership team to adopt a dual approach of “Push” and “Pull.” The “Push” aspect involves the leadership team strategically and sustainably driving the integration of AI and Data throughout the organization, rather than treating it as a series of isolated projects. On the other hand, the “Pull” aspect entails empowering business users with the necessary data literacy, innovative mindset, and customer centricity to initiate AI and data analytics use cases. Senior management’s support and buy-in for the AI and Data strategy play a vital role in facilitating this process.

2. Shifting Priorities at Different Stages:
Throughout the AI adoption journey, it is important to recognize that different stages require different priorities. In the initial stages of low AI adoption, the focus of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) typically revolves around establishing a robust data infrastructure. Once the data infrastructure is in place, the CIO’s attention should shift towards driving business value and empowering users at the forefront of operations to identify and drive AI-driven use cases. This transition ensures that the organization maximizes the potential benefits of AI and Data by aligning technology with business objectives.

3. Establish Effective Data Governance:
As AI adoption reaches higher levels, the associated risks also increase. Therefore, it becomes imperative for companies to proactively implement robust data governance practices early on to mitigate potential issues. An effective data governance framework ensures that data quality, privacy, security, and compliance standards are upheld, minimizing the likelihood of serious problems arising from AI and Data initiatives.

At DaLa, we eagerly anticipate collaborating with experts in AI and Data, as well as business users, to co-create additional value for our customers using the wealth of data assets at our disposal.

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We are delighted to announce the launch of the 2023 Corporate Innovation Index (#CII) research project, conducted by CUHK Business School in collaboration with our strategic partner Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) 香港總商會 (#HKGCC) and a team of influential industry partners.

This year marks the second consecutive year of our survey, aiming to assess the level of innovation among both large and small companies in Hong Kong. For more information about CII 2023, please visit our website at

The primary objective of CII is not only to recognize companies that excel in innovation but also to empower organizations to identify their strengths and weaknesses in corporate innovation. By understanding their position, companies can strive for continuous improvement and maintain a competitive edge in the digital era.

We are grateful for the insightful opening speeches delivered by Patrick Yeung from HKGCC and Professor Waiman Cheung from CUHK Business School #CUHK, in the presence of Dean Professor Lin Zhou. Furthermore, we successfully held our first CII steering committee meeting. We were so grateful to have elected Mingles Tsoi as our Steering Committee Chairman this year.

As part of our initiative, we conducted discussion panels featuring award winners from last year’s CII project. I had the privilege of moderating a panel with Tat Lee from WeLab Bank and Chun Kai Lawrence Chau from Midland Properties, Inc., both of whom achieved top 10 rankings in the 2022 CII.

Their shared experiences were truly inspiring. One key aspect they emphasized was the criticality of fostering an innovation culture. It is not enough for innovation to be limited to a select few; instead, it should be ingrained in the entire organization. Leaders must set an example and empower every individual to innovate using diverse approaches. We also learned a lot from another panel on SME Innovation led by Patrick S Lee with Andy Ho and Jhonny Leung-Huang as guests. Thank you.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), our sponsors, the steering committee, the organizing committee members, and all participating guests and supporting partners including Victoria Ip, Mimi Poon, Jude Chow, Eric Or, Henry Li , Harris SUN, 鄭嘉泓, Chris So, Nike Kong, Yvonne Che, Angel Chia, Marina Tong, Leo Liu and many more. We eagerly look forward to collaborating with you all to ensure another successful year for the CII.

#Innovation  #Technology  #CorporateInnovation  #SME  #Startup CUHK Business School

I am grateful for the opportunity to have shared my experience in the Greater Bay Area and Digital China with the esteemed EMBA students from the prestigious Imperial College in the UK.

In the past few years, we conducted these sessions on Zoom. However, this time we brought everyone back to Hong Kong and had face-to-face classes (China Residency), which was a great experience. Our executive students impressed us with their high level of engagement. They asked insightful questions, and we had meaningful discussions. I want to express my sincere appreciation for their proactive participation, as it is an essential part of the learning process.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to our guest speakers, Emil Chan, Matthew Chan, and Barry Chan, for sharing their valuable insights and experiences in innovation and technology with our students.

Once again, thank you to the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business of CUHK Business School and Imperial College especially Dr Ian Mackenzie and Una Đuzelić for making this collaboration possible.

#ImperialCollege  #GreaterBayArea  #GBA  #London  #UK  #DigitalChina  #Innovation  #Technology
CUHK Business School CUHK EMBA CUHK MBA Imperial College London  #ImperialCollege Imperial College Business School

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Retail Tech Industry Asia (#RTIA)! It was truly impressive to witness the growth of this association from its humble beginnings to a grand ceremony dinner attended by hundreds of people. I was particularly pleased and grateful to see the former and current OGCIO (Victor Lam and Tony Wong) were there to support the  #RetailTech industry.

The gathering itself was a remarkable event, with over 800 individuals in attendance. Everyone enjoyed it with lots of smiles and chats. It was both awe-inspiring and motivating to witness the tremendous support from major retailers like Chow Tai Fook, cafe de coral, ClubOne, Maxims, Bonjour卓悦, just name a few as well as key executives and professionals from the  #innovation and  #technology  #ecosystem. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Vincent So, Henry Yeung, Patrick Li, Keith Lee and many other core team members of RTIA for their outstanding efforts.

I had the pleasure of being there alongside my teammates from the DaLa – Data Literacy Association (#DaLa), including Teddy Liu, Ravel Lai, and Henry Hui, to extend our congratulations and support to RTIA. We recognize that there is much to learn from Vincent and his team regarding the management, growth, and sustainability of an association for over two decades. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with RTIA to co-create further business value for retailers through the utilization of  #data and  #AI.

#Retail  #DataLiteracy

🌟 Infinite Imagination: Unleashing the Potential of Space Data 🌟

Yesterday, I found myself immersed in the  #sky, and today, I find myself venturing into the vast expanse of  #space.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in the  #Revive Asia event held at Sky100, where I shared my insights. More here: Today, I had the opportunity to contribute to OASA’s Space Tech event at Cyberport. Really love the main theme of the conference – “Tomorrow’s Technologies Today”. More here: It’s truly incredible, isn’t it? The common thread that connected these two experiences was data.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. G Gregg L., the visionary leader of OASA, for extending an invitation to share my thoughts on harnessing the potential of space data. How can we effectively link the wealth of information captured by satellites with the data gathered on the ground? The possibilities are immense, with significant implications for social progress and business growth across various industries such as smart cities, financial services, retail, and supply chain management.

We always say that the sky is our limit when it comes to our imagination, allowing ample space for innovation. However, today, I discovered that even more imaginative possibilities exist when we combine data with the realm of space.

I deeply appreciate Dr. G’s, Roy Chan and their teammates’ passion and dedication in fostering education and inspiring students, professionals, and leaders to explore the boundless possibilities offered by space through technology and data.

#SpaceData  #SpaceTech  #Data  #DataLiteracy  #AI  #SmartCity  #Innovation  #Technology
#DaLa DaLa – Data Literacy Association

DaLa – Data Literacy Association #DaLa was delighted to provide its support to  #Revive Tech Asia this year. While  #GenAI has gained popularity in casual use, its adoption in enterprise settings remains limited. There have been relatively few use cases thus far. However, corporate leaders, tech giants, and startups are actively experimenting with GenAI and, more importantly, learning from their experiences.

To facilitate discussions on this important topic, we organized a panel discussion titled “GenAI in Motion: Accelerating Innovation Through Bold Experience.”

We were fortunate to have Leo Tsang, CPA, LLM, MSc. from  #EmperorGroup providing the corporate perspective, Alvin Cheung from  #AWS sharing the tech provider’s viewpoint, and Andrew Chan from  #Apoidea representing the startups’ view. We greatly appreciate their insights and contributions. Thanks my DaLa Founding Fellows Patrick Khong, Jacob Wai, FRM, FFA FIPA, FCMA, CSDP, MHKCS, PuiShing LEE to have been there to support us.

I gained a very important inspiration from our panel speakers. GenAI has raised the bar for everyone. Even you have done a lot on AI before, everyone is now on the same starting line. We have to think bigger, possess a stronger growth and data mindset, and be bolder to try everything in order to stay ahead of the curve. I absolutely agree with that. Do you? What have you done? What should you do next?

What made this event even more special was its unique location—in the sky. Yes, this year’s Revive took place at  #Sky100, one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong. The conference also featured demonstrations of new concepts for future workplaces, with participation from  #IKEA,  #RICOH, and various other tech providers.

We extend our gratitude to Joyce Luk 👩🏻‍💻 and her teammates at Revive for organizing such an innovative and inspiring conference. It also provided an excellent networking opportunity, allowing us to reconnect with old acquaintances and make new connections with individuals like Catherine Chan, Dr. Ted Suen, M.H. (Medal of Honour, HKSAR), Andy Chun, Juni Yan, Francis Pun and many others.

The excitement about  #AI continues to grow as we look towards 2024 and beyond. There is still much to learn and explore when it comes to corporate applications of AI. We invite you to join our DaLa community and embark on this new AI and  #data journey together. Visit to learn more.