Delivering a workshop about “DesignThinkers Academy Data-Driven Design Thinking Course”

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🌟 Customer Obsession = Design Thinking * Data Literacy 🌟

In today’s digital economy, professionals and leaders in business and technology are recognizing the importance of upskilling themselves in both Design Thinking and Data Literacy to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving landscape. Interestingly, these two disciplines share a common element: Customer Obsession.

Jeff Bezos, the founder and former CEO of#Amazon, is renowned for his brilliant approach to building one of the most successful companies in recent years. At the core of his success lies an unwavering focus on customer obsession. To cultivate this mindset, it is essential to master both Design Thinking and Data Literacy.

Effectively understanding the real problems faced by customers and generating innovative ideas to solve these challenges requires more than just relying on one side of the brain. It necessitates engaging both the analytical and creative aspects of our thinking, enabling us to develop a deep sense of customer empathy and effectively analyze customer data. So, Design Thinkers need to upskill on their data literacy while Data-literate business users need to pick up Design Thinking.

I am incredibly grateful and excited to contribute my expertise in Data Literacy by collaborating on an engaging workshop that blends data-driven approaches with Design Thinking principles. Working alongside two masters in Design Thinking and Digital Marketing, DAVID Chung Tai-Wai and Luke Chu, we have witnessed the incredible synergistic effect of combining our respective skills. David and I first talked about this collaboration idea almost a year ago and we finally made it happen today.

Our shared goal is to empower companies and individuals to gain a genuine understanding of their customers and leverage both data mindset and design thinking to innovate meaningful solutions that resonate with their needs. We look forward to nurturing and empowering more data-literate and data-inspired design thinkers in Asia.

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