Congratulations to all the winners of the Best HR Awards 2022 organized by CTGoodJobs. Grateful being one of the judges and speakers for the Awards again. My OpenCertHub Academy team fully supported the ceremony this year. Thanks Vivienne WongShirley Pi, William Ho, Reo Lam and their teammates to organize such a great award ceremony. We enjoyed our great collaboration and teamwork with the CTGoodJobs team.

I particularly appreciate this Awards because it has pioneered quite a few award categories to encourage HR leaders to cultivate digital transformation and innovation initiatives and talent to their organizations.

In this year, Data Literacy Association #DaLa www.DaLaHK.org , which was founded by a number of data leaders and I to nurture data culture in large to small organizations, jointly with CTGoodJobs created a new category called Data Literacy Award. It aims to encourage establishing data culture and enabling pervasive use of data in organizations to unleash the power of data to every employee. Congratulations to The Bank of East Asia #BEA to receive the 1st ever Grand Award of this category in Hong Kong. Really appreciate the great team effort from their FinTech, Data and Training and Development teams. Congratulations Stephen L. Kenny Au, and Doris Tong. My OpenCertHub teammates are so fortune to collaborate with the BEA team to empower their colleagues at all levels of the bank to speak the language of data.

Also happy for many HR leaders in town like Fanny Chan from China Everbright Bank Hong Kong #CEBHKEliza Ng #HKPCEdmund Lam #FubonBankDerek Wu #LKK, and many others for their amazing achievement. Also good to see young leaders like CY Chan #ECHealthCareBobo WongMichelle Chan #MicrosoftMingo Tsang #Bowtie and more. They are with bright minds and our future as well.

As I mentioned in my talk on “Data Literacy – Build Future-proof Workforce with Second Business Language”, Digital Transformation not only needs digital experts but also HR experts as change management and culture play a pivot role in its success. Teamwork between digital teammates and HR teammates are super important. Had a very good chat with Kandy Lui #iHRM and learnt a lot from her on the HR profession and it’s latest development. Also learnt from José Carlos Bezanilla on how to make Hong Kong a Great Place to Work #GPTW.

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AI hurricane has been triggered and highly accelerated by the #ChatGPT tide. Thanks for the Economic Journal #HKEJ #信報 to arrange a special edition on this hot topic. Cally Chan #MicrosoftCrystal Fok #HKSTP and I (in the capacity of #CUHK and DaLa – Data Literacy Association), had a chance to sit down and shared our view on this unprecedented storm to the whole mankind and more importantly its impact to Hong Kong.

My view is that we have one more key stakeholder in our ecosystem. That is the AI-driven robots. Just like other key stakeholders such as startups, investors, professionals, and more, they are one of the key partners for us to co-create values for our customers and societies. Human-AI collaboration is the ultimate competitive advantage in the Digital Era (Oh well, at least this decade). Whoever can make this right will lead the market and advance their career far better than who can’t.

Please have a look of our views. We will for sure discuss even more in the upcoming many occasions and many years ahead. See you and bots around. Cheers.

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From group photo with masks to f2f live class without masks. Mission in action now! Our CUHK EMBA CLASS of 2024 has just started 9 months ago. I met our new students first time (with masks on) in our program called Residence Week back then. It was a fruitful orientation week for all of us. Last weekend, I was very pleased to meet them (without masks and with smiles) again.

Our students are taking our course called “Crafting and Executing Winning Strategies” jointly developed and taught by Dr. Gilbert Cheung, Professor Pong Yuen, Howard Lam and myself. Our objective is to empower our EMBA students to become strategic leaders. It is easier said then done to be a strategic leader. Are you a strategic leader? Does your company have a strategy? Why bother? Why Strategy failed? Or Do you really know what is Strategy? More to be explored in our learning journey.

Apart from our experience, we also leverage on our networks to invite the best strategic leaders in Hong Kong and the region to share their practical experience on strategic management.

My first guest speaker was Susanna Wong, CEO of YATA. We are so grateful to have Susanna to share her experience in #YATA#SHK and #Mckinsey with us. Her sharing was really insightful, inspiring, impactful and practical as well. She discussed the challenging dilemmas that we always faced in practicing strategies like Stubborn vs Persistence, Change vs Plan, Financial Pressure vs Long-term Goal, Top Down or Bottom up, Communication vs Interpretation, Good Strategy vs Bad Strategy, and more.

We did have a good start of our “Crafting and Executing Winning Strategies” course in the last weekend. Our students started with some doubts on why we need to take Strategy seriously and now they are keen on digging wider and deeper on Strategy to master it. More to come in the next 3 months as the course continues. Stay tuned.

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Grateful to have a fruitful discussion with 3 elite digital leaders in Hong Kong and share our experience with a group of senior executives of MTR. Thank you to my panel guests:
Wai-yin Wan #MTR
Matthew Chan #JardineRestaurantGroup
Michael Yung #Google #GoogleCloud

Our main theme was Digital Strategy: Lead and Execute Your Digital Vision. It was really inspiring to many participants including myself indeed.

My 3 key takeaways are:

1. Digital Strategy should be seen as Strategy in Digital Era; Digital Transformation should be thought as Transformation in Digital Era; and certainly Digital Leader should transform themselves into Leaders in Digital Era. If we have no Strategy and cannot get transformation working, there is no place for Digital and certainly no place for Digital Leaders.

2. Cascading Strategy down is one of the major challenges for any companies. Just townhall communication is far from enough. Treat every employee differently just like how we are doing for customers. What does our Strategy mean to every single one of employees? Rather than just “Segment of One” for customer (customer centric or customer obsessed), can we do “Workforce of One” (employee centric or employee obsessed)?

3. Innovation will just become a threatre and showroom if we don’t understand the first 2 points. Even you got a fancy innovation head title, it doesn’t mean you can overcome all challenges in Transformation including Digital Transformation. Eventually you lose your passion and leave your company voluntarily or involuntarily.


Thank you to MTR Learning and Development team and my CUHK teammates to make this meaningful panel discussion happen. Appreciate it.

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Just delivered a challenging but rewarding 4-day intensive CUHK Chinese EMBA course on Strategic Management of Innovation. Really felt tired and exhausted but all my effort was paid off with the deep participation and engagement with my excellent executive students from the mainland.

My dear students presented beautiful flowers to me to show their appreciation. Wow! It was the first time in my teaching journey to receive flowers. What a surprise and touching indeed. Thank you so much my dear students.

We couldn’t have acheived that much without the great sharing from my guest speakers Miles Wen (温豪夫) #FanoLabsNixon Chau #SenseTimeChristina Ong #HSBCAdonis Ya #NewRetail, and Thomson Lai #AECOM. They are all elite leaders from different industries. They openly shared their valuable experience on innovation from their perspectives. Our students including myself learned a lot from them. Thank you.

Felt particularly grateful to have Adonis as my guest speaker as he was my CUHK EMBA student who have taken this course (English version) before. He applied what I taught him so well and has created new breakthrough in his career. Really happy for him. He sincerely shared his experience with my students.

I would like to thank my senior executive students from different cities in mainland China for their effort to spend 4 consecutive days here and did a fantastic job in their group projects as well. I hope my experience in innovation has inspired them to lead their companies and teams to seek breakthrough and achieve their H3.

Recap, remember and redo… “What should we do differently from yesterday so we can survive today?”

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Can you recognise the young avatar with lots of hair is actually me (perhaps 30 years ago🤣😄)? Amazing and unbelievable, isn’t it? It is one of the fantastic demos in the HQs of Sensetime in Hong Kong.

I have arranged our CUHK Chinese EMBA students to visit #Sensetime #商湯, one of the top #AI companies in the world listed in Hong Kong. It is a part of my Corporate Innovation programme at CUHK. Appreciate Nixon Chau, MD of Sensetime Hong Kong, to host us and shared their latest AI innovations with us. Our students asked very sensible questions and we all learned a lot from our discussion. Also, thanks to my colleagues from CUHK Chinese EMBA team.

Sensetime is rooted in CUHK and well-known for their facial recognition technologies. They have tremendeous success in smart cities, autonomous vehicle and health areas, and more. They didn’t stop there and continue to innovate.

We were impressed by how fast Sensetime to come up with relevant, comprehensive and competitive #GenerativeAI innovations and applications in the high tide of #ChatGPT. One of the reasons is that they have invested heavily on AI technologies and obtained thousands of IPs. Most of these IPs are not commercialized yet. When new trends come, these IPs and the super computing power for machine learning will empower them to respond fast to the market.

Look forward to seeing more AI innovations from Sensetime. We CUHK are so proud of Nixon as our CUHK EMBA alumni. Our #innovation and #technology ecosystem in Hong Kong also appreciate Sensetime’s great accomplishments and contributions to not just Hong Kong but the world.. Keep it up. Thank you.

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Really grateful that we can bring Fubon Bank’s core team back to school to start their CUHK Mini MBA journey. I initiated and designed this CUHK Mini MBA programme a few years ago. We aim to empower the participants, either corporate leaders or startup enterprenurs, with the necessary mindset and skillset in the VUCA*Digital era. Since then, quite a few of corporates and startups have joined the programme.

It has been a great experience on empowering and re-energising corporate leaders and startup entrepreneurs to get them ready to seize emerging opportunities and manage the unprecedented challenges.

The participants take a series of modules on corporate innovation, digital transformation, branding and marketing, leadership and culture, financial management, and some modules tailored for participating corporates, such as, GBA, Regulation and Compilance, Artificial Intelligence. The students need to participate team discussions, discuss case studies, join study trip, and do group projects to apply what they have learned in all the taken modules.

Thanks for the support from the senior management of Fubon Bank especially Edmund Lam for his effort with my colleagues to make this happen.

For more about our Mini MBA programme, here it is.

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Pleased to take the well-designed Oxford Executive Strategy Programme organized by the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, in the last two months.

It was not easy for me as lots of trips, meetings, trainings, talks, etc., after the pandemic. Also, the programme was quite demanding as well in terms of assignments, group discussions with fellow students around the globe and time required. Grateful that I could hang in there to complete it successfully, gained the passing grade and received the certificate.

I have been practicing and teaching business strategy and digital strategy for decades. Why did I take this programme? Well, besides refreshing and updating with the latest strategies, I was just curious how the University of Oxford was different from what I used to learn from the leading universities in the US like #MIT#Harvard and Asia like #CUHK#CEIBS.

I am glad that I took it as this programme gave me another perspective in a very structured way around their 4 Ps framework: Purposes, Players, Partnerships and Processes. Learned a lot from Professor Richard Whittington, Professor Trudi Lang and the renowned guest speakers.

My key takeaways are

1. While we are all overwhelmed by digital innovation like #AI e.g. #ChatGPT, every leader including digital leader, in #corporates or #startups, needs to be a great strategist no matter how advanced technology is and will go.

2. #GoodStrategy will empower the leaders to leverage on #innovation and #technology to optimize the performance of their businesses or ventures. #BadStrategy will kill a business even they got rocket science.

3. People worry these days that AI will replace human soon. While it might be true one day, if we can be strategic, innovative and creative, customer-centric amd empathetic, data literate and entrepreneurial enough, I believe we will be the last to be replaced. Keep our fingers crossed🤞😄.

4. If digital leaders can make use of those 4Ps, they can acheive enough more in their career and make better impact to their companies and societies.

Will share more about my insights in my upcoming CUHK EMBA Strategy course starting next week. See you soon, my fellow students.

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CUHK EMBA Hong Kong’s Got Talent was the main theme of our #CUHK #EMBA Reunion Dinner 2023. Really pleased to see many of my EMBA students without masks and with big smiles. They are in fact the core talents of Hong Kong. Well done the organizing team to organize such a great reunion gathering. Thanks for Pong Yuen, Howard Lam and his EMBA teammates for all the effort. Special thank to Professor Andrew Chan for his 30 years of contribution to our EMBA programme. Amazing!

I also invited many of my guest speakers whom I invited them to share their experience with my students in my previous classes including Ryan Lai #foodpandaJens-Peter Brauner, FIET #SiemenJacqueline Chong #AWS #AmazonThomson Lai #AECOM鄭嘉泓 #WizpressoHarris SUN #RaSpectRavel Lai #HysanMatthew Chan #JardineRestaurantGroup. Grateful and thankful to all of their support and trust.

Congratulations to Ryan as he will start his CUHK EMBA journey in Sep this year. Really our honour to have Ryan as our student. Both the CEOs of the leading food delivery platforms in Hong Kong (#foodpanda) and Macau (#澳覓 #Acen), Ryan Lai and 江海涛, are our CUHK EMBA students now. I have taken a memorable photo with them.

Also met my 5 Founding Fellows of DaLa – Data Literacy Association #DaLa there Nixon ChauHenry HuiMatthew ChanRavel Lai鄭嘉泓. Henry and Nixon are also CUHK EMBA alumni. What a small world! Glad to see old and new friends Vincent Ma Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park Limited #HSITPAndy AnnAlan LaiEmil ChanCatherine ChanFrancis NgaiSusanna ChiuLaura Cozijnsen, Ivan Pong and many others.

Feel warm and great to see many fellow students of mine in CUHK EMBA including Dop SunEric LohAnita ChanMae ChenVincent Wong, Victoria Wong, Rachel YuYvonne YuJane L.Justin Wu李立基Vincent ChengRonald Tse, Grace Chan, Mark Leung and many more…

It was a cool night as well. Lots of joy, memories, .. I also got my lucky draw award – very chill SUN glasses. Thank you.


Back to school finally! Welcome our CUHK Chinese EMBA students back to our main CUHK campus in Hong Kong. Yes, it was all physical presence with no zoom and no MetaVerse. Today, we had a welcome dinner with our professors, students and colleagues .

If there was no pandemic, our EMBA students in mainland China were supposed to take most of the classes in our Hong Kong campus. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to do so in the last 3 years and had to go online for most of their classes.

Apart from our core CUHK EMBA programme in Hong Kong, which is conducted in English, I also taught a few corporate innovation and entrepreneurship classes in Putonghua on Zoom together with a few guest speakers to our Chinese EMBA students. It was a valuable journey to share my experience with senior executives in mainland China and I learned a lot from them as well. It went well but it was still not as engaging and impactful as f2f classes where I can play “Ping Pong” (interactive chats) with my students on classes as I used to do.

It was a good start today to see our students in person. Good news is that my next class for CUHK Chinese EMBA will be f2f in our HK main campus. The students will come to Hong Kong for 4 consecutive days for every course. Will get it ready to have an impactful learning journey with my fellow executive students from the mainland. See you all soon.

Appreciate the great effort and support from our Chinese EMBA programme team. Let’s have many many great cohorts ahead without masks and Zoom any more. Cheers.

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