It has been my great pleasure to collaborate with 高力國際 #Colliers Hong Kong in various perspectives in the last few months. From advisory and a panel discussion on the property strategy for the growth of innovation and technology ecosystem in Hong Kong, a forum on the power of data in sustainability, and, most recently, a sharing session on data literacy for real estate industry for the top consultants of Colliers, and more.

Colliers is a global real estate services and investment management company, with operations in over 60 countries. They specialize in providing a wide range of real estate services to clients, including property management, brokerage, valuation, and consulting. To stay ahead of their competitions, data literacy for every consultant is pivotal. Analyze, innovate, communicate and win with data is mandatory for professionals in today’s digital economy. Colliers is right on it.

Really appreciate the leadership from Chun Kong Lau and enjoy the collaboration with the Colliers’ team Chris HuiJo L.Kathy LeeAndrew LauHannah JeongMandy Leung and many more. The team is passionate and professional with open mindset. Love their collaborative office and community sharing culture.

Look forward to collaborating with the team even more in their data literacy empowerment and digital transformation journey.

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#DaLa DaLa – Data Literacy Association

DaLa – Data Literacy Association #DaLa is proud to present you another “food of thought” forum on the hot topic “AI Applications and Trends” together with powerful AI leaders. Our panel speakers are all top notch leaders in Hong Kong AI Ecosystem. It includes Cally Chan #MicrosoftNixon Chau #SensetimeChris Au Young #AAHK and Sunny Lee BBS JP #ASTRI. Chris and Nixon are also two of our DaLa’s Founding Fellows. We have just done a pre-panel call to prepare and ensure that we will have some fruitful and insightful sharing with our audiences.

We will look at new use cases of AI and certainly Generative AI. Will cover challenges to put AI into actions and look into the future of AI and its implications to us in HK and GBA in particular, as well as some key topic like Responsible AI and more..

Apart from the panel, we also support the Digital Transformation Award of this conference.

We are so grateful and honoured to power a panel discussion on AI in the BUSINESS GOVirtual 2023. It has been our pleasure to support and collaborate with the organizing team Culsin LiCathina HuenDenise Ho and many others from Baobab Tree Event.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from us. See you there. Here is how to find out more details of the Business GoVirtual Conference.

Recently, DaLa has organized a Data Forum on the topic “Power of Data in Driving Sustainability and Operational Excellence”. You may view this video to learn more about this DaLa Forum.

If you would like to join our future DaLa future “food of thought” forums and join us to become a part of DaLa as members, please visit our website.

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Congratulations to all the winners of the Best HR Awards 2022 organized by CTGoodJobs. Grateful being one of the judges and speakers for the Awards again. My OpenCertHub Academy team fully supported the ceremony this year. Thanks Vivienne WongShirley Pi, William Ho, Reo Lam and their teammates to organize such a great award ceremony. We enjoyed our great collaboration and teamwork with the CTGoodJobs team.

I particularly appreciate this Awards because it has pioneered quite a few award categories to encourage HR leaders to cultivate digital transformation and innovation initiatives and talent to their organizations.

In this year, Data Literacy Association #DaLa www.DaLaHK.org , which was founded by a number of data leaders and I to nurture data culture in large to small organizations, jointly with CTGoodJobs created a new category called Data Literacy Award. It aims to encourage establishing data culture and enabling pervasive use of data in organizations to unleash the power of data to every employee. Congratulations to The Bank of East Asia #BEA to receive the 1st ever Grand Award of this category in Hong Kong. Really appreciate the great team effort from their FinTech, Data and Training and Development teams. Congratulations Stephen L. Kenny Au, and Doris Tong. My OpenCertHub teammates are so fortune to collaborate with the BEA team to empower their colleagues at all levels of the bank to speak the language of data.

Also happy for many HR leaders in town like Fanny Chan from China Everbright Bank Hong Kong #CEBHKEliza Ng #HKPCEdmund Lam #FubonBankDerek Wu #LKK, and many others for their amazing achievement. Also good to see young leaders like CY Chan #ECHealthCareBobo WongMichelle Chan #MicrosoftMingo Tsang #Bowtie and more. They are with bright minds and our future as well.

As I mentioned in my talk on “Data Literacy – Build Future-proof Workforce with Second Business Language”, Digital Transformation not only needs digital experts but also HR experts as change management and culture play a pivot role in its success. Teamwork between digital teammates and HR teammates are super important. Had a very good chat with Kandy Lui #iHRM and learnt a lot from her on the HR profession and it’s latest development. Also learnt from José Carlos Bezanilla on how to make Hong Kong a Great Place to Work #GPTW.

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OpenCertHub Academy
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The first open forum of our DaLa – Data Literacy Association was held successfully yesterday. We had two inspiring panel discussion on the use of data in empowering sustainability and operation excellency plus keynote speech on the smart use of data in our Hong Kong International Airport.

Really grateful to have had an outstanding turnout rate of our audiences. Thanks for their participation. After the forum, we had arranged a networking session. We all could further chat and learn from each other.

Heartfelt thanks to my DaLa teammates to organize and contribute to this historic event of us. Also, appreciate our honorary advisors Jennifer TanDavid Ho, Dr. Michael Chan and Victor Lam JP for their presence and support. Certainly our renowed speakers Chris Au YoungRavel LaiJulie WongAndrew LauMax ChanMichael WongAlvin Cheung and Kelvin Wong.

Special thanks to the great support from Eric OrMichael Au and Catherine Yu from HKSTP Partnerships香港科技園Hysan Development Company LimitedAlan Chan and Ricky Lo from Adobe and Chris So and Alvin Cheung from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Everyone Speaks Data. Join us in our data empowerment journey. Find out more about DaLa:

Become our member:

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Finally, we could physically join the Google Cloud Summit Hong Kong after the 3 years long pandemic. Over thousand of guests attended the event today. The vibrant and engaging atmosphere was very impressive and full of passion. Thanks the great leadership from Kathy Lee and Disaree (DiDi) Wong to make this happen again in Hong Kong.

Today, we have witnessed many new offerings from Google. Needless to say, it was all about AI. Google really makes AI easier for every one from IT to business users. Impressive demos from June Yang on their innovation and applications on Generative AI. It was eye opener for me. Google and several renowed speakers also talked about democratizing data analytics and AI to users at all levels. Data culture again comes to the top of the list.

I delivered a talk in today’s summit on our experience how we collaborated with Google to empower business users in private and public sectors to make use of data every day as their habits through our Data Literacy Empowerment Programme #DLEP. Thanks for Owen Chong Michael Yung and Ricky Lau from Google for their support. More can be found here https://ochacademy.com/.

One after one offline huge conferences have been coming back to Hong Kong. Pumped into friends whom we have not met for years in these occasions. Really felt warm and happy especially seeing old friends Dave ChenSuk-Wah KwokAlex ZhangKenny AuLeo Tsang, CPA, LLM, MSc. Charles HungChris ShumEric OrCharleston SinFuller YuPascal TseAllan WongJusty YuenDerry FongAdela Lau and many others.

Also, it is always joyful to see our founding fellows of DaLa – Data Literacy Association #DaLa in any occasions. Today we had Ravel Lai Herman Cheng Stephen L. Andy Kwok Victor Ng Dr. Lana Lo Matthew Chan Jacob Wai, FRM, FFA FIPA, FCMA, CSDP, MHKCS, LLM, MBA Michael Yung, joined the Summit on different capacities.

See you and more in our next event. You are welcome to join our next DaLa event on June 20 and happy hours afterwards. Topic is Power of Data in Driving Sustainability and Operational Resilience. Find out more here:

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Change Starts With “YOU”. What a quote posted on the wall of the Agile Culture Transformation #ACT room in the China CITIC Bank International #CNCBI 中信銀行(國際) in Hong Kong. The Bank really understands how important culture is to make any change work. It is so inspiring and a perfect place for us to hold our forum there with the main theme on Data Literacy: From Data Insight to Data Monetization.

The secret sauce of monetizing data asset effectively is in fact Data Culture of the organization. Our audiences were from different business units of the Bank. They also agreed with us that data culture is the top challenge to monetize data asset of the bank.

Frazer Lam, CIO of CNCBI, and I have delivered our speeches to set the scene. We then had a fruitful discussion with Patrick Khong #HKEXMichael Yung #Google and Victor Ng #OpenCertHubAcademy #OCHA. Really grateful having them in my panel. We all learnt a lot from their sharing. Thank you.

My 3 key takeaways on monetizing data effectively are as follows:

1. Collaboration across business units, IT and Data teams are super important to capitalize data asset.

2. Users at all levels should speak the language of data as their habit to solve problems, seize opportunities and communicate/agrue with stakeholders.

3. Building a sustainable data culture is the most critical success factor for data monetization rather than talent, data, technology, financial support and business cases.

Victor Ng and I have been empowering quite a few enterprises with our Data Literacy Empowerment Programme #DLEP. It is a data culture change programme and is a journey instead of a project. Please find out more https://ochacademy.com/

Really appreciate Denny Woo, CPFinT(M)Salina C.Sunny SoJoel Tse and many others from CNCBI and my OpenCertHub Academy’s colleagues to make this happen. Thanks for all participants on site and online today and their sensible questions. Happy to catch up with good friends Benedict Lau, CSM, CSPOLam HollyHongming Hu,CFA FRM and a few more now with the Bank there after the long Covid time.

Change Starts With “YOU”. Let’s empower ourselves to be a data citizen and speak the language of data every day.

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Grateful to see that the SAP NOW is back to Hong Kong. It is another great signal of the fast recovery and the strong resilence of our vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem in Hong Kong. Let’s add oil 大家加油! 👏💪.

My radar is always on data and AI. I was keen on learning more on how SAP leverages AI to add values to their clients. Learnt a lot from the renowned speakers from Hong Kong Jockey Club, Swire Coca-Cola, AS Watson and SAP certainly. Here are my 4 key takeaways today:

1. Business Process-specific Generative AI to empower the SAP customers to make use of ChatGPTs to solve problems. SAP has a strategic partnership with #Microsoft on Generative AI for enterprises.

2. Swire Coca-Cola collaborated with SAP not just on AI but data culture. They empower users and IT/Data teams to collaborate and unlock the power of data. Thanks to Matthew TC Wong from Swire Coca-Cola for his sharing on Data-driven culture and the One Team initiative.

3. Domain, technology, data and people are always the key for any change or transformation. AI adoption has no exception. Thanks to Andrew Ma for his sharing on New Retail eLab Tech @ A.S. Watson

4. Focus of SAP HK on 3C: China, Completeness and Customer. Thanks to Esmond’s and his teammates for their commitment and contribution to HK.

Thanks for the leadership from Esmond Tong and the great effort of many good friends in SAP like Andrew LingCannie TsangHelen LamGreg Wong and many others to make it happen. I believe a few hundred audiences attended this conference in the Ocean Park today. Well done.

Met many old and new friends today like Randy LaiKeith ChanRavel LaiVincent SoHenry HuiWilliam ChanRicky LeeDustin LeeDavid Chanemily chanGodfrey Poon and many more. Really pleased to see smiling faces and missed the f2f chats.

Ravel, Henry and I from #DaLa founding team shared with many of our friends there on the mission of our DaLa – Data Literacy Association – to empower everyone to speak data in the AI era. See you guys around in the journey of our Data Literacy Empowerment journey.

#DataLiteracy #Data #AI #ChatGPT #GenerativeAI 微軟

Another meaningful gathering for data experts and users to learn from each other this afternoon in the amazing #Runnovation place of China Resources Capital. It was a crossover for B4B Challenge #B4B and Data Literacy Association #DaLa. Appreciate the support from Dennis ChoiPhilip Cheng and Xinyi L. #CRCapital.

B4B Challenge B4B Limited has been a platform for Hong Kong and mainland data startups to apply their data expertise to solve real world problems for the last 7 years. DaLa – Data Literacy Association has just started last year with aim to empower users to make use data effectively – “Empowering Everyone to Speak Data”. Both organizations are joining hands to bring experts and users together to learn and co-create values from data.

In the capacity of Founding Chairman of DaLa and Principal Advisor of B4B, I was pleased to see more collaboration across two communities to co-create more synergy. Grateful to see our DaLa founding fellows Michael YungMatthew ChanNixon ChauElaine Wang were there to support the event. Thanks Candi Yeung and her teammates to make this happen.

DaLa has started organizing company visits, forums and training to help our members to learn more data literacy in different functions, companies and industries as well as connect more like minds data friends to know each other. In early May, DaLa led a delegation to Macau. Here is a short video to get a feel of our inspiring and fruitful trip.

More on B4B Challenge 2023:

More on DaLa’s Study Trip to Macau:

If you, as company or individual, are interested to become a member of DaLa and participate our activities, please visit our website https://lnkd.in/gPzbeTmp. We look forward to welcoming you especially the users who are keen on upskilling on data literacy and unleashing the power of data in their businesses, operations and daily work.

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#Innovation #Technology

Really grateful that we can bring Fubon Bank’s core team back to school to start their CUHK Mini MBA journey. I initiated and designed this CUHK Mini MBA programme a few years ago. We aim to empower the participants, either corporate leaders or startup enterprenurs, with the necessary mindset and skillset in the VUCA*Digital era. Since then, quite a few of corporates and startups have joined the programme.

It has been a great experience on empowering and re-energising corporate leaders and startup entrepreneurs to get them ready to seize emerging opportunities and manage the unprecedented challenges.

The participants take a series of modules on corporate innovation, digital transformation, branding and marketing, leadership and culture, financial management, and some modules tailored for participating corporates, such as, GBA, Regulation and Compilance, Artificial Intelligence. The students need to participate team discussions, discuss case studies, join study trip, and do group projects to apply what they have learned in all the taken modules.

Thanks for the support from the senior management of Fubon Bank especially Edmund Lam for his effort with my colleagues to make this happen.

For more about our Mini MBA programme, here it is.

#FUBON #FubonBank 富邦銀行 #Banking
#MINIMBA #CUHK CUHK Business School
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1st DaLa Macau Trip (May 5-6, 2023)

Our Data Literacy Association DaLa had a very fruitful and enjoyable study visit to #Macau in the last two days. We have previewed the impressive Galaxy International Convention Centre GICC, visited ICBC Macau, University of Macau Smart City Lab 澳门智慧城市物联网国家重点实验室, and Macau Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT).

Over 50 people including DaLa’s Founding fellows, tech leaders from Hong Kong, and local IT leaders from Macau, joined our journey. We also hosted a DaLa dinner (Yes, DaLa dinner, not Gala Dinner) in the fabulous venue of Galaxy Macau and invited key leaders from Macau to join it. It was our honour to have senior management from Macau SAR Government, Galaxy, #Wynn#Melco#SJM#澳觅 and more participated our dinner. We all learned a lot from these visits and we also all had fun to have an opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with old friends.

I am so grateful to have all of us being able to join this fruitful and joyful trip with good health after such a long 3 years of pandemic. Heartfelt thank to #Galaxy Macau, #ICBC Macau, University of Macau #UM, and Macau #FDCT for not just hosting us but sharing openly with us. Also, thank you for our sponsors #Google Cloud, #Checkpoint and #Veeam to support and join our study visit.

Special thanks to the Talent Development Committee of Macau SAR Government, and friends in Macau including Will FuDavid HoKeyvin Bi, 江海涛 and Lawrence Lau for their support.

Certainly, it couldn’t happen without my Founding Fellows and Secretariate Office teammates. My heartfelt thank to all of them. We do have a passionate and professional team. Our DaLa teammates will surely share more on their insights and experiences from this trip in these few days. Stay tuned.

Find out more about our DaLa www.dalahk.org or DaLa – Data Literacy Association. We welcome you, non-Tech and Tech friends, who are interested in data literacy, to become our members and be a part of the data literacy ecosystem in Asia. See you.

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#GalaxyMacau #GICC