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🌟 “工業家的前世今生” – A Talk with Steve Chuang, FHKI’s Chairman at 管理新思維 🌟

Today, we gather to commemorate a significant occasion for our nation – the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. It is a day of great importance. What a day to have had Steve Chuang  #莊子雄, Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Industries (#FHKI)  #香港工業總會, as my guest on the program “New Management Thinking”  #管理新思維 at Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) (#RTHK).

Steve stands out as an individual who embodies qualities of humility, extensive expertise, and forward-thinking innovation, making him one of the most remarkable industrial leaders I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. I extend my sincere gratitude to Steve for graciously accepting my invitation as a guest.

During our conversation, Steve shared his vast experience and wisdom accumulated over several decades in the industry. I received a great deal of wisdom from Steve, and one of his quotes that truly inspired me is: “不變就out, 我們無選項, 一定要改變。” or “If you don’t change, you’re out. We have no choice but to embrace change.”

We delved into various valuable topics on our program:
1. We explored the changes that have taken place in the role of hashtag#industrialists  #工業家 over the past three decades. How have they adapted, transformed, and excelled in their endeavors?

2. We discussed how industrialists have harnessed #innovation and hashtag#technology to bring about positive change. Furthermore, we examined their collaborations with hashtag#ecosystem stakeholders such as universities, startups, and government bodies. The San Tin #Technopole (#新田科技城) in the hashtag#NorthernMetropolis (#北部都會區) will be very influential not just for innovation and technology industry but also the advanced manufacturing sectors. We also discussed about its development.

3. We explored how FHKI has empowered thousands of its members to navigate through challenging issues while seizing opportunities in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area (hashtag#GBA), One Belt One Road or Belt and Road Initiative (hashtag#BRI hashtag#OBOR), hashtag#ASEAN, Europe, and the United States.


Let’s enjoy our National Day holiday and learn more from Steve. Cheers.

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AI hurricane has been triggered and highly accelerated by the #ChatGPT tide. Thanks for the Economic Journal #HKEJ #信報 to arrange a special edition on this hot topic. Cally Chan #Microsoft, Crystal Fok #HKSTP and I (in the capacity of #CUHK and DaLa - Data Literacy Association), had a chance to sit down and shared our view on this unprecedented storm to the whole mankind and more importantly