Dr. Charm @South East Asia

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  • Dr. Charm & Company is affiliated with the GAB Group for GBA-ASEAN businesses.
  • “GAB” stands for “GBA-ASEAN Bridge
    • The Vision of the GAB Group is to become the most trusted advisor for enterprises, start-ups and investors for corporate innovation and technology investment in the ASEAN and GBA regions
    • The Mission of the GAB Group is to empower and accelerate the digital transformation in GBA and ASEAN regions in the decade of 2020 – the decade of the Digital Economy
  • GAB Group is founded by two digital veterans, Dr. Toa Charm from Hong Kong and Mr. Jack Lim from Malaysia. Dr. Charm is the Former Chief Public Mission Officer of Hong Kong Cyberport, and former Senior Management of IBM, Oracle, Kingdee and HSBC in the Greater China region. Mr. Lim is the former Director of Gartner Malaysia and Senior Manager of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).
  • Greater Bay Area (GBA) in China has 11 cities including Hong Kong and Macau with 70 million people and a GDP of US$1,500+ billion. GBA is also an important source of proven technologies with 43 unicorns reported by WHUB in 2019. ASEAN is the fastest growing market in Asia with at least 500 million people in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and more.  It has a strong demand on digital innovation and inclusion.
  • GAB Group has two major business lines: GAB Digital Leadership & GAB Venture Fund.
  • GAB Digital Leadership is committed to empowering and accelerating the digital transformation in GBA and ASEAN regions in the decade of 2020 – the decade of digital economy through 4 major pillars of business:

1.Digital Leadership Academy

2.TECH Conferences and Events

3.Corporate Entrepreneurship

4.Digital Leaders Club

  • GAB Venture Fund provides smart money to the startups engaged and proven in the GAB Digital Leadership Business. The Fund involves funding from GBA and ASEAN investors which provides strategic values to the startups.
  • GAB Group has multiple ways to generate revenue: executive education for business leaders and technologists, TECH conferences and events services, equity return from start-ups, services for start-ups and corporate entrepreneurship, membership fee from Digital Leaders Club, and monetization from data captured in the community and platform (such as advertising). GAB tokens will be issued to generate cross-sell across 4 major pillars of business and strengthen customer stickiness.
  • GAB Group is open for strategic partners in GBA and ASEAN to co-develop the market and/or fund the operations.  A share of equity of the GAB Group will be allocated for this purpose to raise an operating fund. Another option for investors is to be a LP of GAB Venture FundPlease contact Dr. Charm & Co. for more.