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Attending the 20th Anniversary dinner of Hong Kong Retail Tech Industry Asia

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Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Retail Tech Industry Asia (#RTIA)! It was truly impressive to witness the growth of this association from its humble beginnings to a grand ceremony dinner attended by hundreds of people. I was particularly pleased and grateful to see the former and current OGCIO (Victor Lam and Tony Wong) were there to support the  #RetailTech industry.

The gathering itself was a remarkable event, with over 800 individuals in attendance. Everyone enjoyed it with lots of smiles and chats. It was both awe-inspiring and motivating to witness the tremendous support from major retailers like Chow Tai Fook, cafe de coral, ClubOne, Maxims, Bonjour卓悦, just name a few as well as key executives and professionals from the  #innovation and  #technology  #ecosystem. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Vincent So, Henry Yeung, Patrick Li, Keith Lee and many other core team members of RTIA for their outstanding efforts.

I had the pleasure of being there alongside my teammates from the DaLa – Data Literacy Association (#DaLa), including Teddy Liu, Ravel Lai, and Henry Hui, to extend our congratulations and support to RTIA. We recognize that there is much to learn from Vincent and his team regarding the management, growth, and sustainability of an association for over two decades. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with RTIA to co-create further business value for retailers through the utilization of  #data and  #AI.

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