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Sharing about the potential of space data at OASA’s Space Tech event

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🌟 Infinite Imagination: Unleashing the Potential of Space Data 🌟

Yesterday, I found myself immersed in the  #sky, and today, I find myself venturing into the vast expanse of  #space.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in the  #Revive Asia event held at Sky100, where I shared my insights. More here: Today, I had the opportunity to contribute to OASA’s Space Tech event at Cyberport. Really love the main theme of the conference – “Tomorrow’s Technologies Today”. More here: It’s truly incredible, isn’t it? The common thread that connected these two experiences was data.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. G Gregg L., the visionary leader of OASA, for extending an invitation to share my thoughts on harnessing the potential of space data. How can we effectively link the wealth of information captured by satellites with the data gathered on the ground? The possibilities are immense, with significant implications for social progress and business growth across various industries such as smart cities, financial services, retail, and supply chain management.

We always say that the sky is our limit when it comes to our imagination, allowing ample space for innovation. However, today, I discovered that even more imaginative possibilities exist when we combine data with the realm of space.

I deeply appreciate Dr. G’s, Roy Chan and their teammates’ passion and dedication in fostering education and inspiring students, professionals, and leaders to explore the boundless possibilities offered by space through technology and data.

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