Handing the FinTech Grand Award at the HKICT Awards Presentation Ceremony as the Chief Judge

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The Hong Kong ICT Awards  #HKICTA holds a distinguished reputation as one of the most respected and prestigious platforms for recognizing innovation and technology in Hong Kong. Supported by HKSAR Government OGCIO and organized by eight esteemed organizations, it serves as a stage where exceptional achievements are celebrated.

Among the eight categories, the FinTech category has been organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers  #HKIB in the last 8 years. It is my honour of being invited as the Chief Judge for this Award since 2018.

In conjunction with the FinTech Week Hong Kong, the HKICT Awards Presentation Ceremony took place on Nov 3, 2023. I am delighted to announce that David B. Wang representing  #krip krip HK has won the Grand Award winner of the HKICTA FinTech Award. This is a remarkable accomplishment, and I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Krip for their outstanding achievement. Appreciate the great effort from my fellow judges this year including Anthony Chiu, Michael Leung, Aveline San, Dominic Siu, Kar Yan Tam, Victor Yim, Stephen Lau, Brit Blakeney Anghelakis, Andy Tong, and assessors led by Dr. Jacob Wai, FRM, FFA FIPA, FCMA, CSDP, MHKCS and Henry Chang.

In even more exciting news, Krip has also been selected as the overall Grand Award winner of the 2023 Hong Kong ICT Awards, surpassing winners from the other seven categories. We are tremendously proud of Krip and their accomplishments. David and his team have not only demonstrated remarkable innovation but have also showcased an entrepreneurial mindset and a positive attitude. Their presentation on technology, business model, and scalability plan was clear, professional, and truly impressive.

After eight years of organizing the FinTech Award as part of the HKICT Awards, HKIB has finally achieved the honor of having a team win the prestigious Grand Award. It is not just a recognition of Krip but also FinTech adoption in Hong Kong. I am so grateful that, apart from myself, the chief judges from other 7 categories also appreciate the importance and impact of FinTech to Hong Kong.

I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Carrie Leung, Philip Kam and their teammates at HKIB, and all the judges and assessors involved in the last 8 years. We are incredibly proud of Krip and their remarkable effort of HKIB team. Thank you.

We hope that Krip continues their outstanding efforts and continues to strive for further breakthroughs in their journey. We also express our gratitude to Cyberport Hong Kong for nurturing and supporting Krip right from the beginning.

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