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Sharing about “GenAI in Motion: Accelerating Innovation Through Bold Experience” at Revive Tech Asia 2023

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DaLa – Data Literacy Association #DaLa was delighted to provide its support to  #Revive Tech Asia this year. While  #GenAI has gained popularity in casual use, its adoption in enterprise settings remains limited. There have been relatively few use cases thus far. However, corporate leaders, tech giants, and startups are actively experimenting with GenAI and, more importantly, learning from their experiences.

To facilitate discussions on this important topic, we organized a panel discussion titled “GenAI in Motion: Accelerating Innovation Through Bold Experience.”

We were fortunate to have Leo Tsang, CPA, LLM, MSc. from  #EmperorGroup providing the corporate perspective, Alvin Cheung from  #AWS sharing the tech provider’s viewpoint, and Andrew Chan from  #Apoidea representing the startups’ view. We greatly appreciate their insights and contributions. Thanks my DaLa Founding Fellows Patrick Khong, Jacob Wai, FRM, FFA FIPA, FCMA, CSDP, MHKCS, PuiShing LEE to have been there to support us.

I gained a very important inspiration from our panel speakers. GenAI has raised the bar for everyone. Even you have done a lot on AI before, everyone is now on the same starting line. We have to think bigger, possess a stronger growth and data mindset, and be bolder to try everything in order to stay ahead of the curve. I absolutely agree with that. Do you? What have you done? What should you do next?

What made this event even more special was its unique location—in the sky. Yes, this year’s Revive took place at  #Sky100, one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong. The conference also featured demonstrations of new concepts for future workplaces, with participation from  #IKEA,  #RICOH, and various other tech providers.

We extend our gratitude to Joyce Luk 👩🏻‍💻 and her teammates at Revive for organizing such an innovative and inspiring conference. It also provided an excellent networking opportunity, allowing us to reconnect with old acquaintances and make new connections with individuals like Catherine Chan, Dr. Ted Suen, M.H. (Medal of Honour, HKSAR), Andy Chun, Juni Yan, Francis Pun and many others.

The excitement about  #AI continues to grow as we look towards 2024 and beyond. There is still much to learn and explore when it comes to corporate applications of AI. We invite you to join our DaLa community and embark on this new AI and  #data journey together. Visit to learn more.

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