⭐ Recap, Refresh & Restart ⭐ Enjoy my year-end break very much as it provides me with the perfect opportunity to engage in reflection & review. Every year, I make it a habit to retreat to a peaceful location, allowing myself to fully immerse in introspection. I carefully evaluate my achievements, identify areas for improvement & plan for the upcoming 2024. I have chosen the tranquil & inspiring environment of The Chinese University of Hong Kong CUHK library to conduct my review.

2023 was marked by an amazing recovery from the pandemic. I am so fortunate & deeply grateful to have attained a multitude of impactful & meaningful goals. From my 140+ messages I shared throughout the year, I have selected the most significant ones (with likesreads) to share with you. It includes not just achievements but also lessons learned from success & failure.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to those who have been supporting & trusting me in my journey. Together, let us strive for even greater achievements in 2024 & beyond. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Best DaLa – Data Literacy Association Event of the Year – Study Trip to Macau (219, 13447)

Best Speaker of the Year – hashtagiab conference with Pop Artist Hins Cheung  張敬軒 (210, 6555)

Best Award of the Year – Received CUHK Business School Teaching Merit Award (271, 10001)

Best Entertainment of the Year – Boat Trip with hashtagTransunion Top Management (192, 6760)

Best Anniversary of the Year –  CUHKEMBA CUHK EMBA 30th Anniversary (198, 9553)

Best Forum Moderator of the Year –  BGOV AI Forum (181, 6383)

Best Birthday of the Year – 1st Anniversary of DaLa (170, 7078)

Best Startup of the Year –  Buyandship (168, 9552)

Best Spring Dinner of the Year –  HKIB The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Spring Dinner (163, 12830)

Best Policy Discussion of the Year –  Technopole Discussion in  HKGCC (159, 9296)

Best Media Interview of the Year –  RTHK Programme with  AEF Cindy Chow (149, 6591)

Best Tech Show of the Year –  Revive Asia 2023 (155, 6508)

Best Site Visit of the Year – Study Trip to Nanshan, hashtagGBA (169, 8413)

Best Judging Panel of the Year – Chief Judge,  HKICTA  FinTech Award 2023 (124, 4949)

Best Biz Performance of the Year – OpenCertHub Academy hashtagOCHA (124, 7339)

Best Research of the Year – CUHK Corporate Innovation Index (128, 7227)

Best DBA Program of the Year –  CityU City University of Hong Kong hashtagDBA Residential Workshop (141, 5580)

Best Startup Competition of the Year –  Alibaba AEF  JumpStarter 2023 (133, 4698)

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