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Great start for 2024! My first sharing session in 2024 was very valuable, leaving a positive impact on not only the audiences but also myself. I had the privilege of delivering an inspirational sharing session at the Management Forum of Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited Chun Wo Development Group, one of Hong Kong’s top construction companies.

The forum, led by their Chairman Dominic Pang and CEO Derrick Pang, was attended by senior and middle-level managers. I am grateful for their invitation. Appreciate the valuable questions from the participants in the Q&A session. Their questions were brilliant and highly relevant. We did have a meaningful discussion. Thanks Samuel Hon and my teammates Victor Ng and Andy Kwok for their support.

The focus of my presentation was “Data Advantage in Construction: Driving Profitability, Productivity, and Safety.” I shared three key messages:

1. Embracing a “Never Not My Job” Mindset:
I began by sharing an inspiring quote from WeLab WeLab – “Never Not My Job.” I emphasized that data is not solely the responsibility of IT and data professionals; it is everyone’s business. Users, as consumers of data, play a crucial role in harnessing the power of data analytics.

2. Unlocking the Compound Benefits of Data Literacy:
I conveyed that data literacy does not require complex analysis skills. Rather, it signifies the ability of every individual to use data in their daily problem-solving. By fostering a culture of data literacy, we can maximize the compound effect that arises from widespread data usage.

3. Realizing Data Value through Discovering Use Cases:
While data insights, reports, and KPIs displayed on dashboards are valuable, they merely mark the beginning of the Data Monetization journey. I stressed the importance of empowering every member of the organization to create use cases for data and align them with overall company, department, and individual goals.

At OpenCertHub Academy OpenCertHub Academy, we have developed the Data Literacy Empowerment Programme (DLEP) with the aim of equipping individuals across various industries, including  FinancialServices,  Property,  Retail,  Transportation,  Utility,  Construction  Health,  Government and more with data literacy mindset and skillset. We are delighted that our DLEP approach has been embraced and look forward to further empowering companies in Hong Kong, mainland China, and ASEAN, helping them develop a data mindset and culture to effectively seize the data advantage and monetize data.