Merry Christmas: Reflecting on a Transformative Five-Year Journey at CUHK EMBA Business School

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🎶🎅🎁🎄Merry Christmas to all my colleagues at CUHK. We did have a fun celebration party last week. Thinking back my last 5 years at CUHK, it was an amazing and fruitful journey. I was so grateful to have collaborated with my colleagues in numerous departments of CUHK Business School in my journey at CUHK.

We have together nurtured top current and future leaders through our EMBA (English and Chinese), MBA, MiM, MSc. programs and APIB corporate training. We also created the first-ever Corporate Innovation Index (CII) to measure the level of innovation of Hong Kong companies, Mini MBA programme, Digital Leadership Series, Greater Bay Area (GBA) Series, just name a few. Most importantly, I have had the privilege of meeting and teaching a group of exceptionally talented students during my time at CUHK. These individuals possess incredible intellect and potential, and it is truly remarkable to witness their brilliance firsthand. If it weren’t for my involvement in this CUHK journey, I may have never had the opportunity to connect with such extraordinary minds.

In the pleasant Christmas time, I would like to send my big thank to my current and former colleagues across different departments in the business school in particular Dean Professor Lin Zhou, Wong Yue Wing, Alien, Professor Andrew Chan, Professor Kalok Chan, Professor Cheung WM, Wendy Lai, Rebecca Wong, Carol Yung, Eric Yu, Jonathan Chung, Professor Pong Yuen, Howard Lam, Professor Andrew Yuen, Chun So, Ken Lin, Canethy Yip, Jean Yuen, Annka Koo, Yeda Lam, Professor Sean Zhou, Elaine Chu, John LAI for their full support and trust.

Working in the innovation and technology industry for more than 30 years, I empowered my clients and colleagues on digital transformation and corporate innovation. Through my classes, I can scale it up and share my practical experience and methodologies with hundreds if not thousands of executives in Hong Kong, mainland China and ASEAN. I am grateful for my good health and unwavering passion, allowing me to pursue my endeavors tirelessly and with great joy. I am writing a book on this so a wider audiences from all over the world can have opportunities to learn my experience. Stay tuned.

It’s truly remarkable that our students have become our friends, and the engagement has continued even after their graduation. It has been a lovely journey, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have helped me become the best Business-Scholar I could be. Being a Business-Scholar means practicing in the industry and teaching at the university, creating both business and social impact. I firmly believe that graduates of the Doctor of Business Administration (#DBA) program are meant for this kind of work. Our journey is ongoing, and together, let’s continue to do wonderful things!

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