Data Literacy Empowerment Program at OpenCertHub Academy extended beyond Hong Kong

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Over the past two years, my team and I at OpenCertHub Academy have provided thousands of BEA’s teammates in Hong Kong with the right mindsets, skillsets and knowledge to enhance their data literacy. This initiative has proven to be invaluable, benefiting individuals at all levels of the organization by enabling them to effectively utilize data in their daily work and enhance their business and operation performance. Building on this success and the trust we have established, our collaboration with BEA has expanded beyond Hong Kong to include BEA teammates in mainland China. Heartfelt thank to BEA management’s trust and support to us especially Stephen Leung, Kenny Au, Doris Tong and their teammates.

In collaboration with my teammate Dr. Victor Ng , we have recently launched a new chapter of our Data Literacy Empowerment Program (#DLEP) in Shenzhen for BEA’s mainland teammates. The initial workshops were highly successful, with our students displaying a high level of interaction, engagement, and impressive performance.

During these workshops, we shared the latest advancements in AI and Big Data applications in financial services, as well as imparted knowledge on data mindset, data-driven problem-solving, data storytelling, data-inspired innovation, and more. You may visit to know more about our DLEP.

This positive start has provided great encouragement to my team at OpenCertHub Academy. We have already demonstrated the value of our Data Literacy Empowerment Program (#DLEP) in Hong Kong, working with influential clients across various industries. Now, we are expanding our expertise in data literacy democratization and data monetization to other regions, including GBA, rest of the mainland China and ASEAN.

If you are interested in empowering your teammates with data literacy or would like to explore partnership opportunities in mainland China, ASEAN or any other countries with us, please do not hesitate to reach out. Cheers.

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