Happy Birthday🥂🎂🥰.  We celebrated the first anniversary of the BEAst programme of the Bank of East Asia The Bank of East Asia, Limited (BEA) (#BEA) by singing a happy birthday song. The event was held at the amazing BEA collaborative space Cafe23 in Central, where many leaders of the Hong Kong FinTech ecosystem gathered to share their joy with the BEAst team. Great to have seen King Leung  #InvestHK, Einav Nixon  #IsraelTrade, Eric Or  #HKSTP, Victor Yim  #Cyberport, Barry Chan  #Forms, Juni Yan  #OpenHive, Kris Li  #SAP, Angie Woo  #PCCW, Derek Tse  #Microsoft, Leo Liu  #AlibabaCloud, Kevin Leung  #LIQUID, Ricky Lo  #Adobe and more there.

We appreciate the leadership of Stephen Leung and the senior management of BEA for co-creating values with the FinTech ecosystem, not just for the bank, but for the industry as a whole. Keep it going, Stephen. We will fully support you and your teammates.

Thanks to Stephen for his invitation to me and my teammates Dr. Victor Ng and Andy Kwok at OpenCertHub Academy  #OCHA to join today’s party. We enjoyed collaborating with the Data, FinTech, and Learning & Development teams of BEA. We are grateful for the opportunity to empower BEA colleagues at all levels to speak data and use data effectively in their daily jobs. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Tong, Eric Wong, Zoe Lau, Stephen, Kenny Au, Doris Tong and many more at BEA.

Our journey has not ended yet, and we will continue to build on our solid foundation to empower BEA to stay ahead of the curve in using and monetizing data effectively. We look forward to co-creating even more value from data for BEA and its ecosystem.

We’ll see you all at the 2nd BEAst Anniversary.

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Congratulations to my mentee, ex-colleague and good friend, Dr. Tenny Lam, CEO and Co-founder of Grand Rise Technology Limited, on receiving the Excellence in Research Application Award of the 1st ever Hong Kong Innopreneur Awards organised by #FHKI and sponsored by #HSBC. Really proud of Dr. Lam not just receiving the award but also demonstrating how a corporate leader was
Appreciate Rico Lau from LAWSGROUP to introduce and show me and my teammates Andy Kwok, Victor Ng and Derek Leung from OpenCertHub Academy about the Group's creativity in various areas. It has really opened our eyes on how a traditional apparel manufacturing leader has successfully transformed themselves and been making a huge impact to the community. Impressive. LAWSGROUP has turned the
Grateful to have a chat with good friend Herbert Chia #車品覺 in my office. We are both enthusiastic and have like minds on data. Both of us have been in the data industry for many years and have been collaborating with lots of synergy. We discussed plans for 2023 on how we can collaborate even closer to energize
How do you like my "Digital Look"? Stay young and stay innovative. We should not call "IT Look" anymore as it not cool or chill enough. It should call "Digital Look" or "D-Look" these days. Since I have seriously been engaging with the innovation and technology ecosystem worldwide 7 to 8 years ago, I feel