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The AI Hurricane Triggered by ChatGPT: Insights from Economic Journal’s Special Edition

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AI hurricane has been triggered and highly accelerated by the #ChatGPT tide. Thanks for the Economic Journal #HKEJ #信報 to arrange a special edition on this hot topic. Cally Chan #MicrosoftCrystal Fok #HKSTP and I (in the capacity of #CUHK and DaLa – Data Literacy Association), had a chance to sit down and shared our view on this unprecedented storm to the whole mankind and more importantly its impact to Hong Kong.

My view is that we have one more key stakeholder in our ecosystem. That is the AI-driven robots. Just like other key stakeholders such as startups, investors, professionals, and more, they are one of the key partners for us to co-create values for our customers and societies. Human-AI collaboration is the ultimate competitive advantage in the Digital Era (Oh well, at least this decade). Whoever can make this right will lead the market and advance their career far better than who can’t.

Please have a look of our views. We will for sure discuss even more in the upcoming many occasions and many years ahead. See you and bots around. Cheers.

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