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I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share my journey of completing a Doctor of Business Administration (#DBA) with the new cohort of  #CityU DBA2023. It’s incredible how time has flown by. My DBA journey commenced 15 years ago in September 2008. Returning to the program and meeting new learning partners (LPs) and professors evoked a warm and nostalgic feeling within me. I would like to extend my thanks to Professor Muammer Ozer for inviting me as a guest speaker during this year’s Residential Week.

Additionally, it brings me great joy to witness two of my friends, Patrick Khong and Jade Tin Hei Lee, embarking on their own DBA journeys today. Over the past few years, I have been grateful to witness many bright leaders from my network join our DBA program, including Dr. Lana Lo, Michael Leung, Steve Chuang, Alan Lai, Alvin Leung, Mike Tsui, DAVID Chung Tai-Wai, and many others.

During the session, in addition to sharing my own experiences, we had the privilege of hearing from Alfred Mu (Year 3), Fareeda Cassumbhoy (Year 2), and Winnie Tse (Year 1) as they shared their experiences at different stages of our DBA journey. I conveyed the highs and lows, challenges, struggles, and ultimately the rewarding experience of earning a doctoral degree. Although the journey may not have been easy, it was undoubtedly worth it. I also shared my secret sauce called Graduation Strategy with our new LPs so they can earn their DBA degree effectively. Happy to share more with you if you can buy me a drink in Dan Ryan😄🥂.

Armed with the research experience gained from my DBA and my practical experience from the industry, I am now equipped to nurture my CASE ecosystem. Through collaboration with key stakeholders, including the  #Community, #Academia,  #Startups, and  #Enterprises (in short #CASE), my aim is to co-create valuable outcomes. I express my gratitude to CityU DBA for empowering me with the mindset, knowledge, and capabilities necessary to achieve my CASE model.

Currently, I find myself in CASE 2.0 and eagerly anticipate transitioning to CASE 3.0, where I will welcome more of our DBA alumni. I invite you to stay tuned and join me on this exciting journey. Let me know if you would like to know more. Cheers.

City University of Hong Kong

Change Starts With "YOU". What a quote posted on the wall of the Agile Culture Transformation #ACT room in the China CITIC Bank International #CNCBI 中信銀行(國際) in Hong Kong. The Bank really understands how important culture is to make any change work. It is so inspiring and a perfect place for us to hold our forum there with the main
Another meaningful gathering for data experts and users to learn from each other this afternoon in the amazing #Runnovation place of China Resources Capital. It was a crossover for B4B Challenge #B4B and Data Literacy Association #DaLa. Appreciate the support from Dennis Choi, Philip Cheng and Xinyi L. #CRCapital. B4B Challenge B4B Limited has been a platform for Hong Kong and mainland data startups to apply their
What a month of GBA for me! This was my 4th forum with main theme on GBA that I have moderated or participated as speakers in the last 4 weeks. This one was specially designed for SMEs and very practical. Thanks to all experienced GBA leaders on our panel together Witman Hung, Raymond Yip, Dr. George So and Angel