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Digital Strategy and Transformation at MTR: Insights from Elite Digital Leaders in Hong Kong

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Grateful to have a fruitful discussion with 3 elite digital leaders in Hong Kong and share our experience with a group of senior executives of MTR. Thank you to my panel guests:
Wai-yin Wan #MTR
Matthew Chan #JardineRestaurantGroup
Michael Yung #Google #GoogleCloud

Our main theme was Digital Strategy: Lead and Execute Your Digital Vision. It was really inspiring to many participants including myself indeed.

My 3 key takeaways are:

1. Digital Strategy should be seen as Strategy in Digital Era; Digital Transformation should be thought as Transformation in Digital Era; and certainly Digital Leader should transform themselves into Leaders in Digital Era. If we have no Strategy and cannot get transformation working, there is no place for Digital and certainly no place for Digital Leaders.

2. Cascading Strategy down is one of the major challenges for any companies. Just townhall communication is far from enough. Treat every employee differently just like how we are doing for customers. What does our Strategy mean to every single one of employees? Rather than just “Segment of One” for customer (customer centric or customer obsessed), can we do “Workforce of One” (employee centric or employee obsessed)?

3. Innovation will just become a threatre and showroom if we don’t understand the first 2 points. Even you got a fancy innovation head title, it doesn’t mean you can overcome all challenges in Transformation including Digital Transformation. Eventually you lose your passion and leave your company voluntarily or involuntarily.


Thank you to MTR Learning and Development team and my CUHK teammates to make this meaningful panel discussion happen. Appreciate it.

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