🌟 Exciting Moments at IABHK Annual Conference 2023!  #IABHK  x #DaLa 🌟

Did it actually happen? Was I truly conversing with the genuine Hins Cheung #張敬軒, or was it a robot or deep fake? Can it pass the Turing Test? The answer is affirmative. To verify his authenticity, I attempted to physically touch Hins’ face, ensuring he was not a robot or a clone. And the outcome was astonishing – he was indeed real and physically present beside me. How amazing!

I had the incredible honor of joining the panel on GenAI at the IABHK Annual Conference 2023, alongside esteemed experts & leaders, including the amazing Hins. The panel, expertly moderated by Brian Hui from  #HSBC, provided invaluable insights into the intersection of AI, data, and marketing. Alongside with me, Hins & Brian, our panel had Fred Sheu  #Microsoft, Tommie Lo  #Preface, James Lee  #PWC. Other renowed speakers like Herbert Chia  #HKSTP, Saron Leung  #Google,  #小紅書, hashtag#Nvidia were also amazing. It was truly an eye-opening experience!

I want to express my deepest appreciation to Victor Cheng, Kevin Huang, Alvina Chan, Arthur Chan & others from IABHK for organizing this invaluable forum that brought together thought leaders & pioneers from the AI & marketing industries. The conference perfectly aligned with the mission of our DaLa – Data Literacy Association (DaLa), which aims to empower individuals & companies across various fields with data literacy skills.

The conference was a resounding success & I am thrilled to announce that DaLa was a Supporting Organization for this prestigious gathering. As the Founding Chairman of DaLa, it was an honor to represent our organization on this esteemed panel. I am grateful for the invitation and the opportunity to share our vision and expertise.

Our DaLa founding fellows, Nixon Chau, Will Fu, Michael Yung and I, had the privilege of sharing our insights in various panels. It was a true testament to the importance of data literacy in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Moreover, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my fellow DaLa founding fellows, including Patrick Khong (Convenor, Marketing Data User Interest Group or DIG), Ravel Lai, Elaine Wang, Ada Lam, & Andrew Chan for their unwavering support.

Join DaLa https://lnkd.in/gPzbeTmp as a DaLa member and grow together in this exciting data literacy journey. Looking ahead, I am excited to invite all HR leaders and practitioners to join us at DaLa’s upcoming Data Forum on Oct 5, where we will delve into the crucial topic of future skills in the AI Era. I encourage all interested individuals to mark their calendars.

Once again, I want to express my gratitude to IABHK and all attendees for making this conference an unforgettable experience. Let’s continue to drive innovation, collaboration, and data literacy in our respective fields!

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