Collaboration for Co-Creation: Runnovation Place Hosts B4B Challenge and DaLa Crossover Event

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Another meaningful gathering for data experts and users to learn from each other this afternoon in the amazing #Runnovation place of China Resources Capital. It was a crossover for B4B Challenge #B4B and Data Literacy Association #DaLa. Appreciate the support from Dennis ChoiPhilip Cheng and Xinyi L. #CRCapital.

B4B Challenge B4B Limited has been a platform for Hong Kong and mainland data startups to apply their data expertise to solve real world problems for the last 7 years. DaLa – Data Literacy Association has just started last year with aim to empower users to make use data effectively – “Empowering Everyone to Speak Data”. Both organizations are joining hands to bring experts and users together to learn and co-create values from data.

In the capacity of Founding Chairman of DaLa and Principal Advisor of B4B, I was pleased to see more collaboration across two communities to co-create more synergy. Grateful to see our DaLa founding fellows Michael YungMatthew ChanNixon ChauElaine Wang were there to support the event. Thanks Candi Yeung and her teammates to make this happen.

DaLa has started organizing company visits, forums and training to help our members to learn more data literacy in different functions, companies and industries as well as connect more like minds data friends to know each other. In early May, DaLa led a delegation to Macau. Here is a short video to get a feel of our inspiring and fruitful trip.

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If you, as company or individual, are interested to become a member of DaLa and participate our activities, please visit our website We look forward to welcoming you especially the users who are keen on upskilling on data literacy and unleashing the power of data in their businesses, operations and daily work.

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