I feel incredibly fortunate and appreciative to have crossed paths with some of the brilliant entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, shared some of my experience and networks with them, and learned from them as well during my journey. These individuals not only possess an unwavering passion and innovative spirit but also embody humility, positivity, and openness.

One outstanding example of such an entrepreneur is David B. Wang, (KripHK krip HK). They have received the Grand Award of 2023 Hong Kong ICT Awards. David has pointed out this critical element of successful entrepreneur in his post below. Other notable figures include Simon Loong (WeLab), Joseph Chan (AsiaPay), Jason Chiu (CherryPicks), Tomas Holub (CoverGo), Andy Kwok (OpenCertHub), 鄭嘉泓 (Wizpresso), Harris SUN (RaSpect), Sheldon Li (BuyandShip), Miles Wen (FanoLabs), Gary Lam (Posify), just to name a few. Each of them exemplifies this remarkable attitude and mindset. With this, they have all achieved remarkable accomplishments in their entrepreneurship path. I am so pleased to have been collaborating with them in my journey.

For those embarking on the entrepreneurship journey, I highly encourage you to learn from these exceptional founders hailing from Hong Kong. Their experiences and perspectives can provide valuable insights and inspiration.

I am happy to have a chat with you to share more. Keep pushing forward, and best of luck to all of you!

The Road Ahead.. Today is the fourth day of the Year of the Tiger. It is the official work day of the year according to the #TongSheng #通勝. It is believed that if we started our work well today, we will have a prosperous and harvesting year. Wish you start your first working day well and have
First of all, I wish all of you have a prosperous, healthy & happy year in 2022. It is time to review 2021 & plan forward. I was engaged in a few impactful & amazing programs in 2021. I couldn't have accomplished all these without the trust & support from you all, my partners, friends
First of all, Merry Christmas🎄🎁🎉 to you all. Really happy to meet my new and past MBA students in this year's CUHK MBA Christmas Party. Lots of fun and memories. Our Dean of CUHK Business School Professor Lin Zhou, MBA Director Grace Liang, EMBA Director Pong Yuen, Howard Lam and many faculty members like Dominic Chan, Hugh Thomas Seen Meng Chew and