(Hong Kong) The Road Ahead in the Year of Tiger

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The Road Ahead.. Today is the fourth day of the Year of the Tiger. It is the official work day of the year according to the #TongSheng #通勝. It is believed that if we started our work well today, we will have a prosperous and harvesting year. Wish you start your first working day well and have a great Year of the Tiger. 祝大家開工大吉,身體健康。

Rather than a busy work day, I started my first working day today in a mountain to plan my “road” in the Year of the Tiger. It is a clear sky, quiet and comfortable temperature today. It is a perfect day to think clearly on what to improve myself from last year and to achieve this year. How about you?

The more that I think of my journey, the better that I feel grateful to what I have today. Thanks to my family, my beloved ones, friends and schoolmates, mentors and mentees, professors and students, colleagues and business partners and many others in my journey. I am just lucky and fortunate to have met you.

Look forward to having another year of joy and accomplishment with you all.

Remarks: #TongSheng is a traditional Chinese calendar which marks what to do and what not to do every day. It is a great example of the first generation of Big Data which predicted what to do based on the past historical data. No machine learning and AI were there then but lots of wisdom from our ancestors.

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