Watched my MBA Students Present their Group Projects on Innovation Management

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My CUHK MBA students have presented their group projects on innovation management today. Really appreciate their great effort and teamwork on preparing the presentation.

Pleased to see that my class has a good mix of international, mainland and Hong Kong students. They were from Europe, US, Russia, India, Japan, mainland China and Hong Kong. That diversity brought in a lot of innovatoon, energy and in fact fun as well. Thanks for Grace Liang and her CUHK MBA teammates to select such a high quality of elite leaders to be my students.

I asked my students to treat the group presentation as a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of their projects where I can give them feedback and they can make changes before submitting their next MVP which is the final report. That helped them practise MVP approach to innovate progressively and iteratively with customer-first mindset.

Inspiring my students to think out of the box and innovate for sustainable growth is my goal. A few students shared with me that they really got inspired and learned something valuable to their work and career. With that, all my preparation and efforts are worth it. Will keep up to improve and empower more innovative leaders for our society.

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