Questex Media invites Dr. Toa Charm to moderate a panel discussion on the topic “Disruptive Banking – Innovation, Trends and Risks” in the FinTech Innovation Forum 2015 in Hong Kong on 9 Oct, 2015.

The traditional financial services industry is in a state of flux. Regulators are making compliance and innovation difficult for financial services companies. Meanwhile, non-financial institutions are entering the market with a host of services designed around the customers. Getting a loan or credit is no longer a service reserved for financial institutions—now tech-savvy consumers can get it from other new entrants.

Paying for services is also being disrupted. Now we have mobile and internet alternatives that reduce our dependence on financial institutions. Meanwhile, currency itself is evolving, with the emergence of cryptocurrency.
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So how will the financial services industry evolve? Who will be the winners and losers? Will traditional financial services as we know it change forever? And who are the startups in Hong Kong who are disrupting the industry?
Find the answers at the Fintech Innovation Forum. Featuring a varied group of industry practitioners, advocators, detractors, futurists, analyst and thinkers, it will examine new trends and show how financial services is being rewired for a new future.

Key topics

  •  Banks vs non-banks
  •  Social listening and analytics
  •  New strategies to fight fraud
  •  Banking as a cloud service
  •  Omni channel global e-commerce
  •  The impact of mobile payment systems
  •  Social and P2P lending
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Fintech Accelerator programs
  • Hong Kong’s own Fintech stars