(Hong Kong) The 2021 HKICT Awards Experience Sharing Session

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The 2021 #HKICTAwards is coming. Are you ready? Over 350+ audiences joined our experience sharing session today live on YouTube They asked many good questions. Great sign. Thanks #OGCIO #HKPC.

The winner of the 2020 HKICT Award Grand Award Davon Hui #Blutechio, experienced judge Leonard Chan, the Awards’ Standard Assurance Subcommittee Prof Wong Kam Fai, & me were there to share our experience.

My key takeaways:

1. Identify the right problem or pain point to focus on

2. Passion, purpose, social impact & charisma count on top of #innovation & #technologies.

3. Scalability of your business to show your “hockey stick” growth

4. #KYJ Know Your Judges is equally important as #KYC Know Your Customers. Every customer is different so is every judge. Find out who they are & predict what they will ask.

5. Establish your credibility by proven cases, customer traction, industry endorsement, etc.

6. Time management, fully utilize your presentation and Q&A time

7. Preparation, rehearsal, proactively get third party feedbacks. Do you have devil advocate in your network? Find them & get them challenge you.

8. Rehearsal, backup plan for your demos, backup slides…

Happy to share more. Hope you can learn more from your journey & widen your networks.

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