Many of the offline classes & forums have been canceled or postponed due to the Cornavirus outbreak. Fortunately, technology can keep learning as usual. A group of big data experts has made use of technology to share their experience online on the topic of BigDataLiteracy in the DigitalEconomy.

HKPC together with OpenCertHub organized an online forum on the topic “The Most Wanted Data Technology Talent”. In this decade, AI & Big Data skill will be a necessity for everyone, not just IT & data scientists. We need IQ, EQ & now DQ in order to compete and survive. DQ stands for DataQuotient or DataLiteracy. Every business leader and executive needs to boost their DQ in order to be able to create data-driven business models and monetize their data. It is a common language like English that we use it for our business worldwide. Please refer to my previous article for more. https://lnkd.in/fwqbUff

Reskilling everyone of us to be a CitizenDataScientist has become an urgency in this decade no matter what industry & what position we are in now. Hundreds of audiences from a diverse background has joined the online forum. Glad that they have started aware of this urgency.

Thanks Patrick Tsoi , Daniel Yuen, Andy Kwok, HKPC Edmond Lai, Karen Fung, Desmond Chan, & the audiences joined the forum.

China Human Capital Forum 2019 was successfully held in Yantai 烟台 in TsingTao China. 1,000+ CEO and HR professionals joined the forum. Keynote speakers were experts in digital transformation, future workforce, digital leadership, etc. It was my honour to be one of them to share my experience on #DigitalStrategy for Traditional Enterprise. Lesson learned is that there is an urgency to #Reskill our colleagues in the AI Era. CEO and HR of leading enterprises are well aware of the storm of #DigitalDisruption. They are proactively reskilling their colleagues to best capitalize what digital can offer them. One example is #AIAugmentation  #人智 where human work with  robots to gain competitive advantages over the laggards. These companies have created new AI positions and retrain their staff on AI BigData and DataQuotient to take up these new jobs. Have we reskilled yet?

Smarter Staff in Digital Economy Needs DQ on the top of IQ and EQ

What kind of #Competence do you need to be successful in Digital Economy? In this special feature of Talents Management, I, as the Chairman of OpenCertHub, have shared my view on the Digital Workforce and how we need to prepare ourselves so that we can sustain our competitiveness and marketability in the job market in the Digital Age. It will give insights to both HR and leaders on how to get themselves and their companies ready for the inevitable changes in the AI BigData world.


I shared my view in an interview conducted in hashtagGS1HK Annual IoT Conference 2019 on how hashtagIOT, hashtagAIOT, hashtag5G and hashtagBigData work together to empower business and technology leaders and professionals with high hashtagDataQuotient or hashtagDQ so that they can lead and compete in the hashtagDigitalEconomy. In the hashtagAI Era, 30% of all current jobs will be automated by AI by 2030 according to hashtagPWC. At the same time, 30% of our workforce in leading enterprises need to be a hashtagCitizenDataScientist according to hashtagGartner. Do you get the logic from these 2 numbers and what does it mean to you? Our view is that DQ will be as equally important as today’s hashtagIQ, hashtagEQ and major language skills, such as, hashtagEnglish, for the success of everyone in our new workplace of Digital Economy. hashtagOpenCertHub‘s mission is to democratize data literacy to the mass and transform the current workforce to be citizen data scientists, data engineers, data scientists and more in open source environment. Find out more here www.opencerthub.com Thanks again for Hong Kong GS1 and Anna Lin Andy Bien leadership for making this happen and empower HK to be a data-drivenSmartCity.

GS1HK 2019 Annual IOT Conference Interview

AI hashtagChina hashtagUS hashtagDataQuotient hashtagDQ hashtagCitizenDataScientist By 2030, AI will generate a significant impact to the GDP of whole world. The top 2 countries are China 26.1% and the US 14.5% according to PWC. Trade War is now but AI War is the future. I have just done a series of talks on this topic in the 3 major cities of China: Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. Though we always say that people from these 3 cities are very different, they are the same in facing the same opportunity and challenge ahead in the AI era.

It is not a question if we are ready or not. We need to embrace it and sit on the driving seat to leverage on AI or amplify our abilities to compete in the future (in fact very near future). We need to keep learning AI and have a mindset of AI first. Are you prepared to be a Citizen Data Scientist? Proving yourselves that you can speak the language of AI and have a high Data Quotient (DQ) are a must for our career advancement just like we need to speak English and have a high IQ, EQ and AQ in the past 2 decades. Look forward to having a great AI journey together with you.