(YanTai, China) Reskill the Mass with AI/Big Data Capabilities

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China Human Capital Forum 2019 was successfully held in Yantai 烟台 in TsingTao China. 1,000+ CEO and HR professionals joined the forum. Keynote speakers were experts in digital transformation, future workforce, digital leadership, etc. It was my honour to be one of them to share my experience on #DigitalStrategy for Traditional Enterprise. Lesson learned is that there is an urgency to #Reskill our colleagues in the AI Era. CEO and HR of leading enterprises are well aware of the storm of #DigitalDisruption. They are proactively reskilling their colleagues to best capitalize what digital can offer them. One example is #AIAugmentation  #人智 where human work with  robots to gain competitive advantages over the laggards. These companies have created new AI positions and retrain their staff on AI BigData and DataQuotient to take up these new jobs. Have we reskilled yet?

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