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Trade War is Now; AI War is the Future (Near Future)

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AI hashtagChina hashtagUS hashtagDataQuotient hashtagDQ hashtagCitizenDataScientist By 2030, AI will generate a significant impact to the GDP of whole world. The top 2 countries are China 26.1% and the US 14.5% according to PWC. Trade War is now but AI War is the future. I have just done a series of talks on this topic in the 3 major cities of China: Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. Though we always say that people from these 3 cities are very different, they are the same in facing the same opportunity and challenge ahead in the AI era.

It is not a question if we are ready or not. We need to embrace it and sit on the driving seat to leverage on AI or amplify our abilities to compete in the future (in fact very near future). We need to keep learning AI and have a mindset of AI first. Are you prepared to be a Citizen Data Scientist? Proving yourselves that you can speak the language of AI and have a high Data Quotient (DQ) are a must for our career advancement just like we need to speak English and have a high IQ, EQ and AQ in the past 2 decades. Look forward to having a great AI journey together with you.

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