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Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM) Symposium 2022

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Congratulations to the great success of the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing #HKIM Symposium 2022. The main theme this year is The New Frontier of Marketing – Connecting the dots of #MetaVerse. I have moderated 5 forums on MetaVerse in the last 2 months. This is the 6th one and it was inspiring and impressive. MetaVerse experts were there today to share their experience to empower large to small companies to ride on this huge MetaVerse wave. #Sandbox Erich Wong was there as the last speaker to connect all the dots in the space. Other speakers did a great job too. Kevin K T Lee #RedspotsGabriel K. #AiRMetaVerse, and Peter Lin #BlueArk were all very passionate on what they are doing on MetaVerse. Really thank to HKIM’s invitation to me to moderate such a great panel discussion there. Thanks Dr. Michael Chan, Ivan WongDr. Angus HoLucia Cheung and their teammates to organize such a great event. Appreciate all my panel guests for their insightful sharing Sally Chue #EventXRick Woo #LOSTBecky Wong #IndexGame and Jack Lau #Artcoin. Dare to try and transition from Web2 to Web2.5 then Web3 were some key ways to get us engage in this MetaVerse revolution. Do need to consider the social, people and environmental side of the MetaVerse before it becomes uncontrollable. From today’s insight, I start feeling that the Sky is the Only Limit for what we can innovate and achieve in the MetaVerse. A real revolution and tsunami is coming. We had better embrace and capitalize it, and make good use of it as well.

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