Congratulation to The Winner of “Award of The Year” of the 2022 Hong Kong ICT Awards

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The “Award of The Year” of the 2022 Hong Kong ICT Awards #HKICTA went to the “Flight Token” of the Airport Authority Hong Kong #AAHK. It is the top of the top award for the HKICTA. HKICTA is the most recognized, prestigious and largest innovation and technology award in Hong Kong with full support from the government and all major industries. More about the AAHK’s Flight Token can be found here:

Really proud of the Smart Airport #SmartAirport team of AAHK. They won the Award not only because of their innovativeness but also their passion and positive attitude to create seamless customer journey for local and foreign travellers. While the pandemic has been hitting us big, this innovation has given us a booster and confidence to fly again. Thanks to the leadership from Chris Au Young and the great effort from his bright teammates.

Congratulations to the team and really proud of you all. I am honoured to be one of the final judges for the HKICTA Smart Mobility Award organized by GS1 Hong Kong #GS1HK. This project won the Grand Award of Smart Mobility first. Then they competed with the Grand Awardees from other 7 Awards. Finally they won the Award of the Year. Thanks for Anna Lin and her GS1HK teammates and congratulations to all of us contributed in this year’s HKICTA #SmartMobility Award.

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