How do you like my “Digital Look”? Stay young and stay innovative. We should not call “IT Look” anymore as it not cool or chill enough. It should call “Digital Look” or “D-Look” these days.

Since I have seriously been engaging with the innovation and technology ecosystem worldwide 7 to 8 years ago, I feel younger and more passionate than my last 25 years in the traditional IT industry. If you would like to be younger or look-n-feel at least, stick around the innovation and tech ecosystem.

Feel really grateful and happy to be back to large-scale physical innovation and technology conferences and exhibitions in the 2021 Hong Kong ICT Expo this week and the 2021 Hong Kong FinTech Week next week. More importantly seeing my friends and partners f2f like #OpenCertHub Andy Kwok #B4B Francois Lee #HKTDC Will Li #Arical Clement Tien #CRGroup Dennis Choi #Cyberport Queenie Chang #HKSTP and #ASTRI friends, Emil Chan Paul kk Chan wilson chong and more. Lots of joy and catch-up!

See you around in the upcoming physical events. More to come like 2021 HKICT Awards Ceremony… I have a series of fully packed activities before Christmas. Cheers.


#HKFTW #HKFinTechWeek

#PropertyManagement & #SpaceManagement are two important areas that technologies can add lots of value. That was the main theme for #B4B Challenge this year. Startups from mainland China and Hong Kong in the #PropTech areas joined this competition. They showcased how to make use of #BigData to solve pain points in the property management industry. The final pitching day was done this week with a hybrid environment where startups did their pitching physically in both #Beijing and #HongKong.

Impressive innovations based on video analytics for shopping mall, location-based technologies for selection of shop location, IOTs for residential and commercial complex management, smart energy savings, robotics applications, and many others. I am so grateful to be one of the judges for this award and the Chief Mentor of B4B Challenge.

Congratulations to all finalists and winners of this year’s #B4BChallenge. Thanks the participation of all the speakers and leaders from property industries and associations in the mainland and Hong Kong. Herbert Chia #車品覺 shared his view and his new book “Data Reinvention”. Also thank B4B leader Francois Lee and his team to make this happened.

For more information about B4B Challenge, please visit the official website.

#Covid19 cannot slow down HK people to keep flourishing & moving forward. I was engaged in 6 amazing events organized by key HK partners in 1 single week. #Accounting #HR #FinTech #OpenSource #BIGDATA #EMBA. What a way to start 2021!

Really pleased to see healthy & happy friends online & f2f. Appreciate the efforts & passion of the organizers to make these happened. Thank you & keep it going. That is #HongKongSpirit, that is us.

Congratulate to all the awardees & thank to the forum participants.

Judge: 2020 #CTgoodjobs Best HR Awards Presentation on Jan 15

Judge: 2020 #ETNET FinTech Awards Presentation on Jan 12

Keynote Speaker: Democratize Big Data through Open Source Technologies
Annual #PostgreSQL Conference #Guangzhou on Jan 15

Speaker: The Most Valuable Accountant in the Digital Economy
#HKiCPA #CPD Forum #Shanghai on Jan 14

Speaker: Winning with Digital Leadership
#CUHK #EMBA #CUHKEMBA Forum on Jan 13

Chief Advisor: 2020 #B4B Challenge #Shanghai on Jan 14

Cindy Chan Ada Chow Reo Lam Emil Chan Pong Yuen, Howard Lam Catherine Chan Catherine Leung Chun So Susanna Chiu Happy Lee

Exhausted.Weekend is coming😅😃

For AI and BigData startups, here is a great opportunity for you to further strengthen your innovations and fit them and expand into mainland China.

B4B Challenge 2020 B4BChallenge, a competition-cum-training program organised by B4B Limited to connect industries with start-ups and talents through an intensive 6-week mentorship program headed by Big Data gurus Herbert Chia and Dr. CHARM Toa. The finalists will be able to join an intensive Energiser Week in Shanghai, learn from the experts and enterprises there, and potentially find customers and partners for biz in China and Asia.

B4B Challenge 2020 is the 4th consecutive year of the competition. This year, under the theme of X-Ecosystem Digitisation, we will recruit from the cream of the cream i.e. the best AI and big startups in the region.

Apply now at: https://lnkd.in/fMGYNcP

For details, please visit www.b4bchallenge.com and https://lnkd.in/fwGBiir