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🎉 Introducing The Data Literacy Association (#DaLa) 🎉 ​

I’m proud to be the founding chairman of DaLa, a community-driven initiative that aims to empower organizations across Asia in their data literacy journey. ​

Data is the lifeblood of today’s digital world, and we believe that data literacy is crucial for driving innovation and making informed decisions. ​

At DaLa, we connect data leaders and data citizens across Asia to: ​
🔹 Share best practices and experiences ​
🔹 Foster collaboration and networking ​
🔹 Provide resources and learning opportunities ​

By joining our community, you can stay at the forefront of data-driven advancements and help shape the future of data literacy in Asia. ​

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Let’s work together to harness the power of data for a better tomorrow! ​

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"Spring Dinner 春茗" is back. In our Chinese New Year #CNY tradition, companies will organize Spring Dinners to host their colleagues, close customers and partners, at the beginning of the lunar year. It aims to kick off a new year and welcome all their colleagues back to work after their CNY holiday. Unfortunately, because of the Covid,