HairCoSys Spring Dinner for the Year of Rabbit

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“Spring Dinner 春茗” is back. In our Chinese New Year #CNY tradition, companies will organize Spring Dinners to host their colleagues, close customers and partners, at the beginning of the lunar year. It aims to kick off a new year and welcome all their colleagues back to work after their CNY holiday. Unfortunately, because of the Covid, most of the companies haven’t done it for the last three years. In the Year of the Rabbit, most companies have started doing it. We are really pleased to have all these back.

Thanks 黃創安 of HairAgain 髮再生 Haspero 桂圓美 and Michael Wong of HairCoSys to invite me to join their Spring Dinner. We all had fun with professional artists and their colleagues to sing good songs, experience sharings, lucky draws, etc. Hong Kong local start-up, XOXO Beverages, was there to serve personalized cocktails to us. Their innovation was not just an ordering system. We can mix and match different ingredients for the cocktails ourselves through their app and a spider chart shows the result of the mix. And the robot makes it for you. That was the green drink in my photo with Mr. Wong. What an innovation! Thanks XOXO Beverages.

It is my first Spring Dinner in the Year of the Rabbit. I will have many more to come in the coming weeks. Good news is that we can see friends and partners f2f in great atmosphere. The bad news is that I have to be on a serious diet after all these to lose some weight after taken all these tasty food. Enjoy your Spring Dinners. I’ll see you in some of those.

Both Ivan Ng and I were grateful to be advisors of HairCoSys. It is so impactful and meaningful to use AI to add values to a very successful traditional leader like Hair Again. Let’s use #innovation and #technology to transform more incumbent companies to stay relevant in today’s digital age.

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