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(Taiwan) Dr. Toa Charm’s Article was Published on Business Technology Leadership-Mar

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Dr. Toa Charm’s article, “Senior Managers should Place Immense Emphasis on Big Data “, was published in Business Technology Leadership, Issue 2, 2016, mainly focusing on why and how they should pay attention to the trend of Big Data. 

Toa Sir explained what Big Data is and why senior management should pay attention to it in a straightforward way. In the technology era nowadays, Big Data is not only related to Information Technology, but also can lend a hand to the business regarding to strategy, operation and services. Toa Sir takes Alibaba, Amazon, Netflix and Youku as the examples to further elaborate how business can use Big Data to earn money, optimize the operation efficiency and even save a life. He hopes to get Big Data closer to the readers, and also lead people to the journey of Big Data.

If you want to read the article, please click the following link to download the PDF file:

Business Technology Leadership-201603

You can also review Toa Sir’s other article which was published in this magazine before:

(Taiwan) Dr. Toa Charm’s Article was Published on Business Technology Leadership-201602

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