Innovation for the New Normal was my theme for today’s sharing with Fujifilm’s customers and friends in an offline and online hybrid mode. Thanks to Fujifilm’s management Alan Chan Jon Chung Oliver LO and many others for their invitation and support.

In particular, I talked about how “Empire can strike back” which means how established and traditional enterprises and SMEs can leverage on innovation and technologies to seize opportunities and fight with or collaborate with tech giants and startups. #CustomerCentricity#Culture#OpenInnovation and #Intrapreneurship are the keys. I also signed a number of my books #數碼力大提升 to the participants today.

Look forward to exploring more collaboration with Fujifilm in the road ahead. Cheers.

#Innovation #Technology

Just completed teaching a highly engaging #CUHK #EMBA course on corporate innovation in the last few weekends. The main theme was #CorporateInnovation#Intrapreneurship#DigitalTransformation and #EmergingTechnology. My students are all elite leaders and executives from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and overseas across various industries.

Really felt great as our fellow students really contributed to our collective learning. Also felt exhausted as all of us gave in a lot of effort to learn. Really appreciate the growth mindset and learning attitude of our students.

We had gone through a few key best practices and discussed a few real good case studies. This was a special milestone for me as well because I used my own freshly published case study (Nov 9, 2021) on #HSBC #OpenInnovation as one of the key cases to teach this class. Thanks for Daniel Chan Jaff Lau Ada L. Danielle T. and many others in HSBC and Ivey’s professor Hubert Pun to make this case possible. The case is now globally accessible by all major business schools through the world’s top case publisher #IveyPublishing. Here is the link if you would like to learn from it.

I also invited great innovative leaders from corporate and startup worlds to share their experience with my students. Really thank Austin R. Bryan, from #CLP , Kenny Sham from #LEGO and Harris SUN from #RaSpect. After all these, my students had a final project presentation to share their findings and recommendations to the company that they have chosen.

Great insights from my students. I am happy to see that my students came up with great insights and recommendations. I am also grateful that my experience sharings have empowered my students to manage innovation more effectively for their companies and ventures.

Thanks to my #CUHKEMBA teammates Pong Yuen, Howard Lam Chun So and supporting crew behind the scene for their support.
CUHK Business School

Glad to meet 2 good friends of mine Andrew and Greg in #SAP. Met both of them for years since the good old days of #BI and #DataWarehousing.

Wow.. SAP has a brand new office with a nice open innovation environment to empower internal and external collaboration. I particularly like the workbench facing the Hong Kong Jockey Club #HKJC in #HappyValley.

It is not just an image packaging but a necessity these days to create values for a wide range of their clients. Most of the top companies are using SAP enterprise software. Like all other industry leaders, SAP also faces new challenges from a new wave of tech giants like Google, Amazon, Alibaba as well as thousands of #unicorns. Also, attracting & retaining young talents are very critical for today’s success. On one hand, SAP keeps building on their strength with deep domain knowledge & #ERP technologies; on the other hand, an #OpenInnovation strategy is undergoing to cope with new competitions & talents acquisition. Great and positive change!

Really pleased to see my two good friends today, a retail and supply chain expert Andrew Ling and a #AI and #BigData expert Greg Wong. Also met new friends in SAP Sandy Yu and Helen Lam. Let’s collaborate to contribute more to the #innovation and #technology industry in Hong Kong.

How do we #innovate when we are getting bigger? In the #DigitalEconomy, industry leaders cannot keep on doing what they have been doing. Even we have invested 15% or more of our sales revenue on R&D, it doesn’t mean we can continue winning & surviving. #DisruptiveBusinessModels & #EmergingTechnologies have already got into traditional industries & disrupted or even killed the leaders there.

How to formulate our #InnovationStrategy to compete & sustain our success? I am grateful to teach one of my favorite courses in #CUHK #EMBA on Zoom & shared my experience with top executives from mainland #China & #HongKong. Special thank to Prof Andrew Chan for giving me this opportunity. Key topics are #OpenInnovation #Intrapreneurship #Experimentation #DesignThinking #LeanStartup #AgileManagement & more.

We’ve gone through a series of cases #IDEO #BookingCom #Huawei #Xiaomi #GE #Adobe & certainly #TechGiants & #Unicorns. More importantly, I’ve invited #startup & #CorporateLeader as guest speakers to share their experience. Thanks to Harris Sun #RaspectMatthew Chan #JardineRestaurantGroupAndy Bien #HKAirportAuthority & Hugh Chow #ASTRI. We all learned a lot from them.

If you would like to learn more about #Strategic #Innovation #Management, I am happy to share more with you.