Grateful to have had chances to provide mentorship to so many #blockchain#web3#metaverse and #ESG innovators in today’s Hong Kong Digital Asset Society #HKDAS #Hackathon 2023 in Cyberport. I particularly appreciate these innovators’ heart and innovative minds to make use the emerging technologies to find new ways to solve tough problems and create deep social impact.

In the capacity of Industry Advisor of HKDAS together with Edmund Lee and Vincent So, and the Founding Chairman of Data Literacy Association #DALA, we act as mentors together with many experts for today’s hackathon. Thanks Fonia Wong 黃仰芳Alex AuCelia Lok and their teammates from HKDAS to have created such a great platform for us to co-create values in the web3 era. Glad to see Mrs Fanny Law, the former Chairman of HKSTP, there as well. Thanks to her continuous support and interest in our innovation and technology ecosystem.

Look forward to collaborating more with HKDAS to shape the future of the Digital Asset in Hong Kong.

#DigitalAsset #FinTech

Congrats to #AECOM Hong Kong to successfully launch its 1st #FastTrack #CityHack #Hackathon. It is the first stop of the AECOM’s hackathon series in Asia. Hong Kong is proud to be the first location showcasing how innovation empowers a smart city.

The AECOM’s #FastTrackCityHack is a two and a half days in-person hackathon and competition on December 3 – 5, 2021. It aims to inspire and drive the development of practicable, forward-looking solutions for a better urban future. It has 3 main streams for the participants to innovate for a #SmartCity#Resilience#CarbonZero and #DigitalEcosystem. Hundreds of students and entrepreneurs joined the hackathons and selected ones are now working hard in AECOM’s office to compete for the award.

Thanks Thomson Lai AECOM’s Asia Digital Leader for inviting me as a keynote speaker to get the passionate participants even more inspired for the hackathon. I chose the topic – “#Entrepreneurs: From Good to Great”. The participants are all good entrepreneurs already but what could differentiate them from good to great entrepreneurs. Solving the right problems right is the key. Appreciate #AECOMHK organizing such an impactful hackathon for Hong Kong and the great support from Madison Wai of Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

In the last 2 weeks, I am really grateful to contribute in different industries and professions, from #Engineering#Accounting#HR#ProjectManagement#Design, to #Banking#Insurance#SupplyChain and #Education, on how #innovation and #technologies or I&T made a difference. Our momentum on I&T in Hong Kong is unprecedented. Let’s transform #FromGoodToGreat. Keep it going!

The key for success in the #DigitalEconomy is how we can empower enterprises & #startups to collaborate & get the most out of their cooperation or even coopetition. I have been contributing to this on different capacities in the innovation & technology ecosystem. Advisor, professor, mentor, judge of #hackathon & #competition, investors are some of the examples.

Today, I had another chance to do so through delivering a #CUHK #MiniMBA class on “Emerging Tech & Business Innovation”. More importantly, the participants came from both traditional enterprises and startups. This is a special design for our Mini-MBA in Innovative Leadership. Thanks for #HKSTP to bring a few elite startups from their #LEAP & #Incubation programmes like #beNovelty #Compathnion to join the class today. Also thank to large enterprises like #ICBC #CCB for their active participation today.

I was impressed by the chemistry of bringing these groups together in a class. The #diversity stimulated lots of great interaction. We have gone through concepts & cases on #Innovation#BusinessModels #Reinvention, competitions from #DigitalDisruption#Intrapreneurship.

Appreciate Anvil Ng Samuel Choi Nathan Ng #HKSTP for their support to our Mini MBA programme.

#Data is my favorite theme for #corporate #hackathon. I have participated another good one with the #Esquel Group, which is a leading HK-based textile & apparel manufacturer. The objective was to arouse the interest of Esquel’s colleagues in making use of data & gradually build a data culture for the company. It is a proven way to strenghthen data innovation of all levels.

8 passionate teams from different departments competed on the theme of using data to tackle internal & external pain points. They put serious effort from ideation to protyping. Well done. From #ImageRecognition#ML#DeepLearning to #NLP, the teams made use of #AI & DATA to seize opportunities & solve tough issues.

Appreciate Esquel has the vision & commitment to empower their workforce to #SpeakData. Democratizing #DataLiteracy to every staff was proven to be the secret sauce of successful companies in the digital economy. Key management & external expert like myself & Charleston Sin were the final judges & we provided feedbacks to the teams.

Special thank to Margie Yang Bessie Chong Daniel Lai Edgar Tung Stephanie Hung & more for their effort to make this amazing hackathon happen. I love the red & blue sweatshirts that we were wearing. It is a product of the Group’s own brand #DETERMINANT.

You may have heard #data is the oil, electricity or soil of the enterprises in the digital economy. Data is the most valuable resource according to the #Economists. However, how many of today’s traditional enterprises are treating it seriously?

#Esquel, a leading Hong Kong-based textile & apparel manufacturer, has set a great example to take data seriously. I was invited by Esquel Group to share my experience on big data with their employees across all departments. It is a workshop to empower their colleagues to prepare for an internal #hackathon.

Margie Yang, Esquel Group’s Chairman, aims to encourage their employees across the company to make use of data to create values for their company, customers & partners. Her vision aligns well with my belief – that is to democratize the power of #bigdata to everyone in the company. Really appreciate her leadership and set an example on what a data-driven enterprise is and should be.

Thanks for my mentor & friend Daniel Lai to invite me to share my experience. Appreciate Esquel colleagues’ active participation and passion to learn. Thanks for Bessie Chong and her team for their excellent arrangement.

Grateful to be one of the judges for their hackathon with Charleston Sin and look forward to see more data innovation.

Finspire Hackathon, a fully-online Hackathon, made history for Hong Kong FinTech ecosystem today. It was probably the largest online FinTech hackathon in Hong Kong. “Finspire Hackathon.  We HackForTheFuture”. Hundreds of students and entrepreneurs have actively participated in the Hackathon. Glad to see quite a few CUPP alumni there as well.  3 winners were born today with great FinTech inspirations as what the name of the program is Finspire. Congratulations to the winners and all the participating teams.

This hackathon was held under the cloud of the Coronavirus situation in Hong Kong.  It was encouraging to see that our entrepreneurial spirit did not burn out and continues to shine.  Thank you so much for the organizing team, especially Bobo Wong Tony Chan from Convoy, Harris Chan from Cobo Academy and Thomas Huang from Happyer, for such a great effort and heart to keep our FinTech Ecosystem going.

I am grateful to join Charles Lam, Charleston Sin, Almond Wong, Joseph Chan, Henry Li, Patrick Ho, and Venus Chiu as the judging panel.  Appreciate Convoy Cyberport Microsoft MIT Innovation Node, Happyer, and Cobo Academy for their leadership.

Bank of China (Hong Kong), HKMA, Cyberport and IBM joined hands to run an exciting hackathon in this weekend at Cyberport Smart-Space FinTech . It generated lots of great ideas and prototypes with advices and open APIs from both BOC and IBM Watson. Chatbots, Social Trading, Cybersecurity, eWallet, and AI related technologies were showcased by the contestants. Winners for FinTech Group and Tertiary Group were Eureka and Lab Viso respectively. Congrats to all winners and all participating teams and organizers.

Cyberport has been joining hands with enterprises, regulators, technology providers, investors, and academia to organize hackathons, competitions, bootcamps, trainings and forums to inspire youth and start-ups so that their ideas can be realized in the real world. You are welcome to join hands with us. For start-ups and youth, please keep closely connected with us for leveraging on these opportunities to realize your dreams.