(Hong Kong) Sharing: How Traditional Enterprises has a Data-driven Transformation (Invited by Esquel Group)

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You may have heard #data is the oil, electricity or soil of the enterprises in the digital economy. Data is the most valuable resource according to the #Economists. However, how many of today’s traditional enterprises are treating it seriously?

#Esquel, a leading Hong Kong-based textile & apparel manufacturer, has set a great example to take data seriously. I was invited by Esquel Group to share my experience on big data with their employees across all departments. It is a workshop to empower their colleagues to prepare for an internal #hackathon.

Margie Yang, Esquel Group’s Chairman, aims to encourage their employees across the company to make use of data to create values for their company, customers & partners. Her vision aligns well with my belief – that is to democratize the power of #bigdata to everyone in the company. Really appreciate her leadership and set an example on what a data-driven enterprise is and should be.

Thanks for my mentor & friend Daniel Lai to invite me to share my experience. Appreciate Esquel colleagues’ active participation and passion to learn. Thanks for Bessie Chong and her team for their excellent arrangement.

Grateful to be one of the judges for their hackathon with Charleston Sin and look forward to see more data innovation.

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