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(Shenzhen) HostingCon: Dr. Toa Charm Gives a Most Worthy Reward Speech

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HostingCon invites Dr. Charm to share his ideas on “How to make profits from your business models and Big Data Innovation”. And the sharing was awarded as “Most Worthy Reward Speech”.

HostingCon, an important industry conference for top clouding service and server providers in North America, kicked off again in Shenzhen, China! May 30th, 2015 , hosted by the ResellerClub in Shenzhen, global hosting industry event HostinCon Chinese station 2015 has attracted many well-known companies and industries cattle. The conference was a big success and had a broad industry impact.

Organizing institution:


HostingCon is the premier industry conference and trade show for web hosting and cloud service providers.

For more information, please visit or follow the QR Code of WeChat platform.

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