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(SH) HKU Space Institute for China Business Big Data Forum: “Big Data: the New Normal for Enterprise Competition”

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HKU Space ICB invites Dr. Charm to share his valuable experience on the topic  “Big Data: the New Normal of Enterprise Competition” in n the Big Data Forum in Shanghai on October 22, 2015.

Over the past decade, the Internet has brought lots of successful business models all over the world, creating a series of outstanding companies and cultivate a large number of young business leaders and rich. Google and Tencent are the outstanding representatives in the Internet era. While the Internet continues developing rapidly, there is another more subversive waves increasingly approaching us – big data.

McKinsey believes that, big data occupies a pivotal position among twelve disruptive technologies. Just like the Internet, all industries are challenged by big data, while the market rules continues being destroyed. Innovative enterprises have already mastered the road to success. They are not only able to beat their competitors in the same industries, but also challenge other industry leaders.

To achieve success in the age of big data, apart from being proficient in big data, it is more important to be innovative. This is also the weakest part for Chinese enterprises while compared with foreign enterprises. Innovation is highly needed for finding out new business opportunities from internal and external data, increasing profits by reforming the existing business model, improving customer satisfaction and promoting royalty.

During the speech, Dr. Charm (Toa Sir) will share the innovations in using big data for some oversea enterprises in different industries. He will also analyze the new business models developed by a series of global big data start-ups and how they impact our current and future today and in the future.

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