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(SH) Dr. Toa Charm spoke about “How Big Data Disrupt Traditional Business Model” at HCD Learning

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On April 28, 2016, HCD Learning held a lecture with the topic related to the disruptive changes brought by Big Data in the age of technology. It invited Dr. Toa Charm, the adviser of Big Data, to enable audiences to know more about Big Data from the business aspect.

Big data is not only a hot topic for technical specialists, but also by Eastern and Western business leaders. Almost all industries, whether it is financial services, retail, catering, and even health care, packaged consumer goods, transportation, is or is about to be hit by large data. Internet giants such as Google and Alibaba, big data startups such as Zest Finance and Kabbage, traditional companies such as General Electric (GE) and Haier (Haier), financial services such as Citibank and China Ping An, are using large data to create Our business model, which oversees our long-standing rules of the game, has won the support of our customers, while large data has also contributed to the pioneering innovation of products and services and making faster and better decisions at the right time.


The lecture is divided into three parts:

1. Challenges faced by Chinese companies

Due to the rising competitiveness of the world’s enterprises and the seriousness of China’s aging, the growth momentum of China’s economy has been slowing down. Chinese people can not just use low cost as a competitive advantage. Dr. Cham was discussing where the new strengths will be.

2. The importance of large data to the enterprise

3. A roadmap to achieve large data values

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