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(SG) Asia Conference on Big Data and Analytics for Insurance: “Special Address”

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Asia Insurance Review invites Dr. Toa Charm to share his experience in the Asia Conference on Big Data and Analytics for Insurance  in Singapore on 28 Jan, 2016.

The mantra of big data cannot be overemphasized. Big (and even small) data has seen its role significantly elevated in recent times across different industries. As organisations pursue various strategies to drive profitability, many have turned to their data for the answer. Traditionally, the insurance industry has been sitting on its historically rich vein of data and it is now time for the insurers to embark on the analytics journey where they leverage on their data to stay competitive. Increasingly, there is a shift towards a data-based driven business model in the wider economy.

Is your organisation ready for the data journey? How can your organisation leverage on data as a strategic tool? How will your organisation adopt and embrace data analytics? Do you have the right talent to deploy data analytics?

Data Analytics will play a key role in reshaping the way the organisation functions, through the use of data to drive key business decisions, to underwrite new policies, to create new business opportunities, and boundless ways to innovate and connect with the market. Don’t fear big data. Use it as your friend to be a winner in the data age.

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