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(Hong Kong) Bus in Hong Kong

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What is so special about this photo? It reminds us how grateful and lucky we are in Hong Kong. Let’s have a check. Can you tell how well the #bus is equipped by looking at this photo?

1. The TV Panel shows the journey real time so we know where we are and heading to.

2. The USB plug for recharging our mobile devices.

3. The window curtain for shielding out the strong sunlight.

4. The Webcam to monitor seat capacity, track people traffic for capacity and route planning, as well as unexpected accident and incidents.

5. The improved comfortable seats, air conditioning controller per seat, clearer speakers for broadcasting stops by human voice in advance, etc.

6. The seat belt for every passenger and the chair handle to keep us from falling out due to stop or falling asleep.

Whatelse can you find out from the photos?

Behind the scene, more like how good the engine runs, how good is our highway, pay bus fare by any popular eWallets, professional and responsible drivers.. Wow.. we have a lot but we just don’t know or take it for granted.

Appreciate what we have built for this city and what we have today. Enjoy your Sunday, enjoy everything around you🤗💖👏🌝.

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