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(HK) Revisiting Data Scientists: Dr. Toa Charm Delivers Welcome Remarks

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As one of the activities in 2016 International IT Festival, Hong Kong Computer Society – Business Intelligence and Big Data SIG is going to organize an event as “Revisiting Data Scientists – Work, Life and Future in HK”. During the event, Dr. Toa Charm is invited to deliver the welcome remarks.

International IT Fest will be held during 11-23 April, 2016. There are lots of forums and events related to IT, which gather a number of IT experts and professionals. On 14 April, 2016, Dr. Toa Charm is invited to participate in one of the events and responsible for delivering the welcome remarks.

The objective of the event is going to:

  • Revisit the job nature and qualification requirements of Data Scientists
  • Articulate challenges and trends in the field of Big Data
  • Discuss how Data Scientists transform the business
  • Connect professional Data Scientists and potential Data Scientists

Dr. Toa Charm will also take part in other events during the International IT Fest: (Hong Kong) 2016 International IT Festival: “Innovative Technology & Competitiveness Promotion”

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